i should be packing. or sleeping.

Jul 6, 2010

I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by a mess of papers, clothing, and suitcases. 6 hours from now I'll be at the airport, waiting (im)patiently for my flight back to Canada. In typical Krysta fashion, I'm not packed yet. I don't have warm enough clothing. I've grown accustomed to the constant desert heat and I'm honestly extremely concerned as to how I'll deal with shocking cold temperatures.... such as 15 degrees Celsius. I realize that this makes me a sad excuse at being Canadian, but that is at least 30 degrees cooler than what I'm used to. On layovers I've been known to wear my winter jacket in such temperatures, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that doing so would cause a lot of people at home to stare at me. People stare enough in Dubai. I'm looking forward to blending in at home, even if it involves pretending that the cool air doesn't phase me. Maybe I'll get lucky and that one week of the year where it's super hot will fall on the same week that I'm home. I can only hope.
I'm looking forward to going home more than I can describe. It's something that I really need right now, and I've had to put a lot of effort into being patient and maintaining my sanity up until this point. Life in the Middle East has it's ups and downs, but factoring it all in, it's really not for me. Will I be back in 2 weeks? Sadly, yes. While I despise the city that I live in, I love the job and the amazing opportunities that it brings. In 6 months it's taken me to 22 countries, and the experience that I'm gaining will open up a lot of doors in the industry for the day that I do decide to head back to my home and native land.
What are my plans for my 13 amazing days back home?? Well, I'll be one busy girl. I'll be camping in the Rockies, reuniting with all sorts of family and friends, celebrating my belated birthday with a BBQ party, returning to karaoke, going on lots of dates with my boyfriend, rafting down the river, and perhaps even the Calgary Stampede. 2 weeks will go by far too fast, but it's better than nothing at all.
What I'm not looking forward to is the 17 hours of flying from Dubai to Calgary. Don't get me wrong, I love flying. I love being crew, and I love how excited I get when I'm on a plane bound for somewhere fun. Unfortunately, anything more than 6 hours is a bit excessive. I can only watch so many movies, and eat so much salty airplane food. I'm going to do my best to stay awake until I board the plane, and keep my fingers crossed for an empty seat next to me. Who am I kidding. Our seats are NEVER empty.
I suppose that I've rambled on enough now. Perhaps I should do something productive. You know, like... pack. I spend a great deal of my life packing suitcases, and I always, always procrastinate.
Love you all, and I'll be back in just over 2 weeks to tell you all about my vacation and how great it was!


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that there would be no job that love if it was not for the city you despise!

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