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May 18, 2011

I tend to be a random person, full of random thoughts and endless brilliant (at the time) ideas.
My mind is constantly on the go, keeping me awake during times that I should be doing other more important things such as sleeping... times such as now. Instead, I feel the need to write a blog and enlighten you lovely readers about what truly goes on in the mind of Krysta.

This week's most common thoughts:
  1. This blog. Today, my 85th follower decided to tag along for the ride! As a person who religiously reads many blogs and wishes that mine could be more like theirs, I must say, it's an honour! I never imagined that I'd have anything interesting enough to say that would keep so many people coming back time and time again, but thank you, all of you! You make it fun and motivate me to keep my blog updated, even though I've been lazy in recent weeks.
  2. All things wedding. With only 8 months to go until we say "I Do!", Ryan and I are lost in a sea of decisions... Which resort to choose? What about a photographer? With each question that we ask together, I'm faced with another 10 of my own. Should I wear my hair up or down? What colour combination should our decor be? Am I turning into Bridezilla? Feel free to give me your input on any of these questions. If you'd like to read more wedding-ish blogs, I've got another blog dedicated to that since I know that not everyone here cares about my silly predicaments. You can read it here.
  3. Where is home? There will come a day in the not too distant future when I'll take off the red lipstick and uniform one last time and return to my home country to stay. In case you didn't know, Canada is a huge country. Which city will I live in?? Ryan and I are currently trying to choose between 2 locations, both with career opportunities that await him. I can honestly say, at this point I haven't even the slightest idea what will happen, but we need to make a decision soon!
  4. Is there life after cabin crew? When I do finally go home, what will I do? I most certainly love my job and would like to continue doing it, but what if none of the airlines want me? And what happens when some day Ryan and I decide to have kids? Don't get too ahead of yourselves ( this means you, Grandma) It's not in the cards yet, but hey, I have to think ahead. How does one go manage to be a mom and a jet setter at the same time? Any input from flying mama's would be greatly appreciated. I feel as though I need a backup plan, but I don't know what that plan should be. I wish that I possessed some amazing talent that would pay the bills.
  5. What is there to do in Austria? A bit of a more random thought, but a common one these days. With a few days off at the end of the month, I'm taking advantage of my industry discounts and hopping on a flight to Vienna. Why Vienna? Because the flights weren't full and I have my heart set on trying Sacher-Torte chocolate cake in its original birth place. I haven't got a clue what I'll do for 4 days aside from eat cake and take photos, but you'll most definitely hear about it when I return.
  6. Photography. Even before I was engaged to a super talented photographer, I loved taking photos. My job gives me the opportunity to see many photogenic places and I have a great camera that I spent a small fortune on. I'm so envious of those who have a natural gift when it comes to taking photos. I see beautiful things and try to capture them, but it just doesn't work for me sometimes. My camera does so many amazing things, and I feel that I'm not using it to its potential. Maybe I'm just getting pickier. Who knows, but I really want to take better photos. There is a link to my Flickr photostream on the side of this page, in case you are tired of reading about my life and would rather see photos. I prefer books with photos myself, so I fully understand.
  7. Ryan. Well duh, he's always on my mind. I felt as though you'd all think I was a horrible fiance if I didn't include him in this list though. He's pretty awesome, and I'm pretty lucky!
  8. Chocolate. Obviously.

This is just a small sample of the constant marathon of thoughts in my head. I'm all over the place! The great thing about having a blog is that you can write all of this stuff and nobody has to read it unless they choose to do so. This saves me from blabbering on to people I meet about things that don't interest them whatsoever. So thanks, on behalf of all of the people who I'd be annoying if it weren't for this blog.


Nicole said...

Hey Krysta! I'm really glad that I found your blog a few months ago and I visit it every day just to check if there's something new posted! You've got a great gift to writing - I love your style. I hope you will make the right decisions for your future and of course I wish all the best to you and Ryan!

Krysta said...

Thank you Nicole! I appreciate your sweet comments on so many of my posts! :)

sheisjetlagged said...

Nicole, i'm the same!

Krysta i've been reading your blog from the beginning & i love it. I will miss your stories when you hang up your red hat but i'm also very happy for you that you have got so many new & exciting things to look forward to! I'm one of the girls wearing a grey hat in the city next door & i have a blog too but it's friends only. If you want to have a look let me know & i will add you :)

Krysta said...

You guys are making me blush! But thank you! I'd love to read your blog! I spend all of my time reading blogs/procrastinating what I should actually be doing. :)

RetroJetGirl said...

Lol, no wonder we're friends!!! :P

Million thoughts a second for me too!

SJL, would love to see your blog too??? :D

Amber Cavers said...

1. Your blog is fun and makes everyone jealous!

2. It's funny how wedding-y your brain becomes when your engaged. It's funny how wrapped up you can get in it, but just remember that the most important thing is you and him. Thats it that's all. Colours and hair styles will go in and out of fashion, so don't stress too much about them. Choose flowers that smell amazing and pay for extra photos. They are my favorite thing from my wedding. And you know you'll end up with ones that he looks good and you don't or you look good and he's blinking, so extra pictures!!

3. What 2 places are you trying to choose between?

4. Could you be a travel agent? You could give great travel advice, especially navigating airports and metro stations, ha ha!

5. No comment

6. I feel the same about the photography, although I feel so uninspired and really want a camera with more features. Your lucky to have a coach like Ryan. I haven't had any photography classes since grade 9 where we only learned the basics features on a (film!)SLR, image composition, and developing film in a dark room (handy these days... not!). I really need to learn how to photo shop!

Sara said...

There are so many things to do in Vienna! It's my favorite city out of all of the places that I've been and I love it dearly. There's tons of incredible museums, shops, there's Schonbrunn palace which is absolutely beautiful, there's the Belvedere palace which is also an art gallery, you can go on one of the horse-drawn carriage rides, visit St. Stephen's Cathedral, Madame Tussaud's wax museum, there's a photography museum which you might be interested in. So many neat places!

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