The Recovery Phase

Jun 23, 2011

It's currently 6 am and any normal unemployed person would be happily curled up in the warmth and comfort of their bed. I wish that I could be doing the same, as I've just purchased a new feather down duvet that makes my bed extra amazingly comfortable, especially in comparison to the rock solid mattress that I slept on in Dubai.

I'm tired and I have no commitments today that require my consciousness. Unfortunately, I'm also jet lagged. While convincing myself that I was immune to it after 18 months of constant globe hopping, it appears that crossing 10 time zones really confuses a person's body.

So here I am, wishing and hoping to be asleep, but wide awake instead. My lovely sleepy fiance was not too appreciative of my constant tossing and turning, so I gave up and accepted my defeat, leaving him to sleep in peace. I'm awake now, and it's going to be a long day.

Aside from my combined insomnia and fatigue, I've had a great first few days back home. I've spent time with my puppies, Ryan, and my mom. Ryan and I decided to get right back into our former routine, purchasing a gym membership and forcing our bodies to endure tough workouts. The post gym endorphins felt great, but day 3 and every inch of my body aches. Ryan and I are walking around sounding like an elderly couple, complaining about how sore we are with every step that we take. Getting back into it won't be easy, but we are determined to regain our former fitness level. Having a wedding in less than a year is good motivation.

As I spend my mornings lazing around the house, Ryan is off flying airplanes. This is still a bit odd to me, as we seem to have reversed roles. It's not often that I'm the one on the ground. I'm excited for him, and he loves the sky. It's nice to share in an interest that not many people have.

Yesterday we went to West Edmonton Mall, which I must add used to be the world's biggest until Dubai stole the title with the overpopulated Dubai Mall. Despite traveling to many great shopping destinations in my job, I rarely purchased new clothing and my wardrobe was desperately in need of an overhaul. I wandered from shop to shop, spending my hard earned cash on pretty new summer attire.

As we browsed a random homewares store, I spotted one of my very best friends from college. "Davey!!!" I screamed, excitedly. This was a huge surprise, as neither of us actually live in Edmonton, nor do we visit it very often. Davey lived in the dorm room across from mine and I believe that a time or 2 (okay, more like a few times a week) I wandered into his dorm and browsed his kitchen for food more appealing than what was in mine. It was great to see him again after so many years. It just so happened that Ryan and I had dinner plans with my friend Carley, who was my roommate in my college days. Davey joined us and we giggled about old times and laughed at how some things still hadn't changed. We've all matured, but only boring people ever truly grow up. It was a great night, and I left happy to be home. There are just so many amazing people in my life here!

Next up is a rather large party in honour of my homecoming and (this one is tough to admit) my 25th birthday. I'll be reunited with friends, family, and my favourite foods. I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure that there will be photos and stories to follow!


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I love reading your posts Krystal~

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