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Dec 11, 2011

This week is going to be a very, very exciting week.
Guess why!! No guesses? None?!
Okay, I'll just go right ahead and tell you...
I'm moving!! Tomorrow, in fact! For the first time since June, I'll actually have a place to call home, and even more exciting is the fact that I'll be living with my best friend, my fiancé, Ryan. We bought a house and though time seemed to creep by ever so slowly since we made our initial offer, the time has come. Tomorrow is moving day, and we couldn't be much more excited. Since my return from Dubai I've been hopping around from place to place sleeping in different beds and having no real residence. This house is ours, we'll have our own bedroom, our own bathrooms, our own (beautiful) kitchen. We'll put up our own Christmas tree and life will improve substantially based solely on the fact that we'll finally be home.
I hope you can forgive me for my lack of blog posts, packing has occupied a rather large portion of our time in recent days! Swing by next week and I'll give you a tour of my new home!


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