happy birthday, my love!

Mar 18, 2013

This weekend we celebrated a very important occasion! My husband Ryan turned 28 years old on St. Patrick's Day.  He finds getting compliments awkward and will hate me for gushing about him in my blog... but I don't care. My husband is amazing.  He's the smartest, most caring person that I know. He loves me, despite my recent pregnancy hormone induced craziness.  He's always been the one to encourage me and support me in everything that I've done. As this is his very last birthday before becoming a father, I wanted to spoil him and show him how much I truly appreciate him.  We spent the weekend in Canmore, eating, sleeping, and doing all of the things that he loves most.  It was a great little getaway for both of us, and I was thrilled that he had such a great time... nobody deserves  it more!  
  Happy birthday Ryan! I love you this year just like I will 60 birthdays from now! 

Here is a little peak at our weekend... 


Dan said...

Looks like you two had fun!

Andy said...

Lovely!You too are adorable! Your photos are so beautiful, which lense do you use?

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