february, already?

Feb 10, 2014

Once upon a time, I was a dedicated blogger with more than one post in a month. Those days seem to be in the past now that I'm living a more normal life.  I'm not a flight attendant. I'm not traveling. I'm a mom... and while I could write endless posts about my daughter I'm fairly certain that I just might bore my audience after years of rambling on about Paris and other wonderful places.  That's not to say that I won't post about my baby, because to be honest I don't really know what else to talk about these days. I'll just try to save you from reading about every tiny milestone in our daily lives. Key word being try. I think that my kid is pretty darn amazing (biased opinion or not) and sometimes it's hard to hold back.
She's also 5 months old today, which is absolutely insane because I was just pregnant and she was just a tiny newborn. I suspect that she'll be filling out her college applications any day now.

Anyways.... it's February! For the first time in forever, January flew by and here we are in February. I like February. It's short, it's sweet, and chocolate is 50% off on the 15th.  February is one month closer to summer and warmth... things that I only know of in distant memories. One day we shall meet again.
I'm so ridiculously boring these days that the old me wouldn't recognize myself. The current me, however, is quite content in my domesticated lifestyle. I wake up, feed the baby, feed the dog, and when I get a chance, I feed myself.  I pack up the baby and we head to the gym, where I participate in mommy boot camp classes as Aaralee takes her morning nap.  We head home and by the time that I've showered and figured out what to make for dinner, Ryan (and Carley, right now) are home from work. I knew that having a baby would keep me busy, but I'm honestly not sure where the time goes.  I suppose that a great deal of it is spent talking in ridiculous voices and dancing around in an attempt to make Aaralee laugh. I have no shame.  We also have our fair share of impromptu photo-shoots, because I can't resist taking photos of such cuteness. 

In recent weeks my stubborn daughter has opted out of napping, for fear of missing out on the action around her. This made for a fussy baby and a tired mom.  I've been fortunate enough to discover the magic that is babywearing. Once a skeptic, I'm now a believer.  With a bit of guidance and a lot of practice I can now go about my daily life with a baby wrapped on my back.  Stubborn as she may be, she can't resist the sleepy power of a cozy wrap and is usually asleep within 10 minutes.  Babywearing, you've saved my life... or at least my sanity.  

After promising to stop talking about my baby so much, it appears that I've written another blog post primarily about her. I can't help it. I'll leave you with an adorable picture of my human baby and fur baby. They are starting to become great friends, much to my delight. Niko doesn't even seem to mind when she grabs onto his fur with her death grip.  I think that he's putting in his time with the knowledge that it won't be long until she's tossing food to the ground. 
Ahh, I love them.  


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