a little luau!

Jun 1, 2014

It's 10:00 pm. My house is in disarray and I need to pack for our trip seeing as how we leave the day after tomorrow. So naturally, here I sit eating a cupcake and updating my blog.  
Today I hosted (with my co-host Michaelle) a baby shower for my friend Jackie. We've been friends for a long time... since before she decided to spell her name "Jacque" despite arguments that that would be pronounced "Jack". I decided to forever spell it however I pleased, and Jackie it was.  Anyways... I'm rambling.
If I take Aaralee's age in weeks and subtract 2, that's how pregnant Jackie is. Apparently I made having a newborn look like so much fun that she had to go out and get one as well.  Copy cat.  
The baby shower was a luau theme, and those of you who know me well are probably aware of the fact that I really enjoy planning theme parties.  There were leis and mai tais and grass skirts galore... Maui basically exploded on the main floor of my house.  A lot of hard work went into this day, but the end result was worth it! Who knew that we could cram so many people into my house?  
I hope that the mama to be enjoyed herself! Aaralee and I certainly can't wait to meet little baby H in the next few weeks!  


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