Happy Birthday, Baby!!

Sep 10, 2014

My sweet, beautiful little girl,

Today you turn one year old.  Today marks one year in which I've had the privilege of being your Mommy.  I count my blessings every day and truly believe that I am the luckiest person on the planet... and it's all because of you.

12 months ago today I met you.  I loved you, instantly.  A few days later we brought you home and in the months to follow I'd only fall more and more in love with you. I don't know how it's possible to love a tiny little human so much, but I do.

You are such an amazing little person, bursting at the seams with personality. You have the energy of someone who has chugged five Red Bulls. You never sit still and insist on climbing over and into everything and anything.  You are so independent, always wanting to do everything all by yourself.  You are funny, always finding some way to make Mommy and Daddy laugh.  You are sweet, giving us big hugs and gently patting Niko when he sits nearby. You are beautiful, even with your crazy bed head hair and yogurt plastered on your face.

Like Mommy and Daddy, you love to eat and you've yet to dislike anything you've been given.  You have a weakness for blueberries and you give the biggest eyes-closed grin when I offer you an Arrowroot cookie.

You like it when we hold you upside down or throw you in the air. You have no fear, unless something is too noisy.  You wave to strangers and melt hearts everywhere that we take you.  You love it when you sit in your stroller and we run fast at the gym.
You get into absolutely everything and leave a trail of destruction in your path.  Last week you started walking and I beam with pride watching every clumsy, wobbly step.
You love shoes, unless they are on your feet... in which case you tear them off within minutes. You let me put your hair in pretty little ponytails and paint your toenails with bright pink polish. You are my little doll, and I can't wait for the girly fun that we will have as you grow up.

You know exactly what you want and you don't hesitate to let us know when you are unhappy.  You often go from crying to laughing hysterically in a matter of seconds.  
There is nobody quite like you, Miss Aaralee Marie. You are the greatest blessing we've ever received and every day I love you a little bit more.  
Happy birthday baby.  I can't wait to venture through the next year with you and watch you grow and change even more. I love you more than you'll ever understand.




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