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Oct 24, 2014

Oh Blog, my dear Blog.  I spend half of my life wishing that I had more exciting things to write about, and the other half too busy to write.  Life is good. Sometimes it's busy, sometimes it's boring.... but overall, it's really, really good.  Now that I find myself home on a Friday night with my husband working away and the baby fast asleep, I figured you are all deserving of an update! 
We've been on the go the past few weekends.  First, there was a wedding in Calgary. Ryan's cousin Kor married his beautiful bride and Ryan was the designated wedding photographer!  This in turn meant a day of me chasing him around with a stroller packed full of camera equipment and our restless daughter.  It was a long day filled with love, delicious food, and an exhausted me.  I'm so happy for the newlyweds. Some couples just radiate love, and they are certainly among them.
The next day was Thanksgiving Sunday.  We proceeded to Red Deer for turkey and all of the fixings with my side of the family. My mom proudly served pumpkin pie, despite the fact that Ryan and I (and now Aaralee!) are the only ones in the family who actually enjoy it.  Everything was delicious, and I felt as though I didn't need to eat for about a week... until the next day rolled around and it was time to repeat the celebrations with Ryan's side of the family. What's the best part of being married? Well, aside from my husband it's the fact that we get to celebrate each holiday twice. Two Thanksgivings?! Two Christmases?!  Marriage is awesome.  
Thanksgiving was a lot more fun this year as opposed to last year.  Instead of the screaming newborn that I tried desperately to calm, Aaralee is now a hungry toddler who enjoyed her turkey as much as the rest of us. I was feeling especially thankful.  My little family is so amazing.

That week I found out that I was the privileged winner of an Uppymama draw!  If you know much anything about baby wearing, or if you just hang around me enough, then you know all about Uppymama wraps. These are the Ferraris of baby wraps and so sought after that you must enter a draw just to win the right to purchase one.  I know that it sounds crazy, and a year ago I thought the same. I somehow got caught up in the hype and needed to have my very own.  After months of entering, I'd finally won! My own Uppy wrap! Although Aaralee doesn't let me wrap her nearly as much these days, I plan to have more children in the future so it was a worthy investment.  
The only catch was that we'd have to drive back to Calgary to pick the wrap up.  We took this as an opportunity to have a little family getaway. We booked a cozy hotel room and spent the weekend strolling through the city... eating, shopping, and visiting with some local friends.  It was a wonderful little trip!

I've also been keeping busy lately taking photos! Who knew that I'd actually have the opportunity to photograph so many sweet new babies?! It's so much fun getting to cuddle tiny little ones as I reminisce about when Aaralee was so small.  Having my own little bit of income isn't so bad either!  


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