Time is Flying By!

Mar 24, 2015

I've really been slacking on updating this blog since our return from Florida last month.  Between taking care of a busy toddler, being 7 months pregnant, and my husband working out of town I've found it hard to find the energy to put together real sentences and to communicate like an adult.  Aaralee's bed time used to be the time in which I'd accomplish things, but these days I find myself watching the clock in anticipation for an hour that is acceptably late enough to go to sleep myself.
It's been a busy month around here! A couple of weekends ago, Ryan and I planned a trip to the mountains for the weekend.  I was so excited… until he informed me that he'd likely be working through the weekend.  Not wanting to sacrifice my weekend away, I invited my friend Carley to take Ryan's place.  We booked a hotel and planned for a girl's weekend away!  As luck would have it, Ryan ended up being free for the weekend after all, so we dropped off Aaralee at Grandma and Grandma's house and the 3 of us headed out for a grown up weekend away! Carley rarely visits the mountains, so we took her out and about to some of our favourite spots, stopping for frequent meal breaks. The weather was perfect, and so was the fact that we didn't have to stick to a toddler's schedule!  We still ended up in bed early each night, because let's face it… we aren't 18 anymore!  It was a quick but much appreciated little getaway.

On March 10, our little bitty baby turned one and a half, forcing me to accept the fact that she is most definitely a toddler.  I say this about every stage… but this age is so, so much fun!  She has become such a little person with a real personality.  She prefers to get everywhere by running as fast as she possibly can, and she is finally starting to chatter using real words. My personal favourite is "da-dew", meaning "thank you".  She is so polite (and confused) that she'll even thank you when she's the one giving YOU something. She is a whopping 21 pounds and not surprisingly, she still ranks somewhere around 10th percentile for height. Sorry about your genes, Shorty. Lately her favourite toy is her baby doll. She hauls her around the house and gives her kisses, leading me to delusional thoughts of how great of a big sister she will soon be.  I'm certain that's just my wishful thinking, but it's adorable nonetheless.

As far as Aaralee's baby sibling, he or she is brewing along nicely.  I'm 29 weeks pregnant and sporting a nice big beach ball!  Where is the time going?!  I'm excited and terrified as June draws near. I've been fortunate in that I haven't had to slow down too much yet, because I think that I'd go stir crazy just sitting around the house. I'm holding out for flip flop season to make my life much easier, as bending down to put my boots on isn't my favourite task these days.
Another big event happened this week… Ryan's birthday! Not just any birthday, but his 30th! I'm married to an old man.  In celebration of the big milestone, we got Grandma to babysit as we headed out for dinner and drinks with some of his friends and coworkers.  On his actual birthday, we indulged in KFC and cake with his family. He's been trying to convince me to order KFC for the entire course of our relationship, and it took me 6 years to finally agree.
In honour of such an important birthday, I took it upon myself to bake Ryan an amazing birthday cake. I failed to first take note of two things:  The first being that I am a terrible baker, and the second being my history of epic plans gone wrong.  I was confident that I could pull it off. Confident, and oh so wrong.  I attempted to make Ryan a cake that resembled his beloved green junker of a car.  My version of his Subaru looked as though our 18 month old daughter had hand crafted it, and I was embarrassed to share it with his family that evening.  Fortunately, my husband came home and told me that it was "just fine"… the proportions were just a bit off and it was a bit too wide.  "Easy fix", he promised me, taking a knife to the cake.  What resulted was an even more disastrous cake, complete with a slice removed from the middle and the passenger side crumbling.  In my pregnant, hormonal and completely irrational state, I did what seemed most logical… I burst into tears as I devoured the destroyed cake and ordered Ryan to go to Dairy Queen to buy a replacement.  With a delicious ice cream cake in the freezer, the birthday was saved and I vowed to never make a cake for my husband again.
With all of the happenings over the last few weeks life has been cruising by… yet going so slowly at the same time as I eagerly await the end of Lent. Like I've done in previous years, I've given up chocolate this Lent.  I know that I'm pregnant and typically a chocoholic and this all seems insane, but a  sacrifice is a sacrifice. I've watched my husband devour chocolate bars and I've been the only one turning down birthday cake at parties, but the end is near!  Aaralee is getting a fully stocked Easter basket that Mommy will conveniently help her consume.
That's about all that's new around these parts! As the days get longer and warmer I'm hopeful that we can enjoy the outdoor world with Aaralee a bit more before her little sibling arrives.  Bring on Spring!


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