moving on.

Jan 18, 2017

Tonight we go to bed for the very last time in our very first house. As someone who grew up moving from house to house and then spent the first half of my twenties living out of a suitcase, I'm not one to typcially get attached to any of my residences.  But this house... it's different. Though I have no doubt that we'll make incredible memories in our brand new home, nothing will ever come close to the ones that we've made here.  
Every little piece of this house has a memory to go with it.  
For instance... the front door. The door that we walked into the first time we saw this house. The door that we walked into as first time home owners, living together for the first time. Walking through OUR front door was a dream come true following a lengthy long distance relationship. 

The island. That beautiful granite counter top. The island where I sat, hand addressing our wedding invitations. The island that I spent many hours at, typing up blog posts and editing photos.   The island with the most perfect reflections for photos.  

The mudroom, where I envisioned my future puppy living.  The mudroom where he slept when we brought him home, and where he has eaten his kibble ever since.
The master bedroom. The bedroom where we hid from the world on lazy Sunday mornings.  The bedroom where I walked to Ryan clutching a positive pregnancy test.  
The guest room.  The guest room that we jam packed with aviation decor, where friends slept when they were visiting from overseas or when they were too tired to drive home.  The guest room that became a travel-themed nursery, that became a little girl's beloved bedroom.

The office. The office that housed all of our important files and Ryan's computer.  The office that Ryan was evicted from to make room for our second baby. The office where I cuddled our sweet little sleep-hating baby in the wee hours of the morning.  

The kitchen. The kitchen where I ruined many meals and had a few successes. The kitchen where I learnt to bake and meticulously decorated for my children's birthday parties. 

This house. This house that will always be our very first home, despite the fact that we've outgrown it. This house that we moved into as a young engaged couple, and that we will move out of as a family of 5. (The dog, I'm counting the dog.)

It makes me happy to think that some time soon someone new will occupy this house and make their very own memories here.  Meanwhile, we'll be busy watching our girls learn and grow in our new home.  
Goodbye house. Thank you for the hospitality over the past 5 years! 


Lynda Stewart said...

God bless your family in your new home! Enjoy reading your thoughts and your creative photos!

Mouse said...

Cant wait for your next post!

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