It's That Time Of Year...

May 18, 2009

Dear Seasonal Allergies,
I don't mean to sound rude, but I would greatly appreciate if you would leave. Go far, far away from me and never return. You see, I'm a big fan of breathing and you make doing so particularily difficult from time to time. I also could do without itchy, watery eyes and a sore throat.
Did I mention that I love summer? I live for warm summer days, sitting outside enjoy the sunshine. Thanks to you, I'm forced to seek shelter indoors when somebody is mowing the lawn or when poplar trees start to shed their beautiful white fuzz. I'm a self proclaimed nature loving, tree hugger, and here I am allergic to trees. Thanks a lot.
I'm a good person, I can't see how this cruel punishment is at all justified. You are mean, Allergies... mean, mean, mean! I hope that when you try to sleep at night you are overcome with guilt for all of the suffering you force millions of us to endure. Go away, nobody wants you here.
Yours truly,
Krysta, Allergy Sufferer


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