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Jul 8, 2011

Around this time 3 years ago, I was living in Australia doing the working-backpacker thing. I had just spent nearly 3 months living on a remote island surrounded by dingos and I was longing for city life. I found my way to Brisbane, where I planned to meet Jay, a distant cousin, but family nonetheless. I'd met some of her family earlier on in my journey, but we'd maintained contact on Facebook and were determined to meet in person.
We organized a breakfast meeting and hit it off. We were instant friends! The next day, I moved into her house and a day later we'd book flights to Fiji. We had a great summer in Brisbane and vowed to reunite again, someday.
That day came this week! Also badly infected with the travel bug, Jay had just spent a few months wandering South America and was ready for something new. I was thrilled to have her and show her around my home.
Ryan and I met her at the airport on Monday morning. I held up a sign to welcome her.... not just any sign, but a sign lovingly made and loaded with glitter. I was probably more excited than she was about her arrival to my lovely homeland.
I proceeded to drag her out to karaoke night, where we were charmed and insulted by an intoxicated man who provided a great source of entertainment for the evening.
We've spent the rest of the week lazing around the house. I feel a bit bad for the fact that I suddenly lead such an uneventful life, nor do I own a vehicle. We are both catching up on our American television... I sure have missed it!
In other news, time really goes by slowly when you are on the ground! As a flight attendant, I'd spend half of my life in the sky and the rest of it sleeping. Weeks passed as if they were days, and before I knew it another month was gone. I feel as though I've been home for 2 months, but when I actually stop to think about it, it's been less than 3 weeks. I've yet to decide if this is good or bad, but I'm going to lean towards good at the moment seeing as how it is summer and summer never seems to last long enough when you live in Canada.
The weather here is ridiculous. Last night a massive storm swept through, bringing rain, hail, and even a few tornadoes. Red Deer was placed under a tornado warning and as families sought shelter in their basements, I was with my adrenaline junkie of a fiance, following the storm in search of great photos. The photos were great, I'll give him that, but I was pretty nervous as I watched the angry sky convinced that a tornado was about to drop down and sweep us away. We made it home safe and sound, and Red Deer remained intact despite the fears. This is quite normal to us Albertans. Tornado warnings, like ice cream, are just another part of summer. It might be scary, but it's home! I'm still happy to be here!


Nicole said...

I think rain is quite refreshing after living in sweltering Dubai with no rain at all :)
Time really slows down when you're doing nothing, especially after having such an exciting and eventful life :)

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