one month later...

Jul 21, 2011

As of today, I've officially been home for one month! Unlike Dubai, where I spent half of my time flying and the other half sleeping, time slows to a halt back home. It feels as though I've been here for far longer than I actually have. Every day somebody asks "Do you miss it?" That all depends on the context of the question. Do I miss my job? Yes. I miss living in the sky and hopping around the world. Do I miss my friends? Of course! I miss watching movies and eating ice cream with Kim, I miss spending my salary at Ikea with Greta. Do I miss envelopes of cash being handed to me each time I check into a hotel? You bet I do. Forking over payment is far less exciting. When it comes to the main question, however, I have a slightly different answer. Do I miss Dubai? Not at all.
I don't miss trying to accomplish simple errands and the frustration that came with the many obstacles involved in each task. I don't miss the heat, although my stance on that may change a few months from now. I don't miss my deteriorating apartment with its leaky ceilings, creepy crawlies, or lack of hot water. I don't miss the taxis and I certainly don't miss the crew buses.
I may be having a bit of altitude withdrawal as I remain on ground, but other than that I'm still quite happy to be finished with the Middle East.
When it comes to adventure, I am getting a bit restless spending my days sitting around the house. I've spent weeks patiently waiting Ryan's completion of his pilot's license, and fortunately the end is near. As I type he's off to take his flight test, and I know that he'll pass with flying colours... get it, flying? Once he has that weight lifted off his shoulders, it's time for vacation!! This weekend we are leaving for an amazing road trip that will bring us south to California and back up the coast to make it to Victoria for a wedding in a few weeks. We have no timeline, and no set plans. I've managed to persuade Ryan to go to both Disneyland and the Boeing Factory in Seattle, so I'm a little bit (ridiculously) excited for this trip. We'll have the laptop and of course our cameras on the road, so rest assured, I'll be blogging as we go! California here we come!!!


Amber Cavers said...

Aw lucky! I wanted to drive down to San Fran for my birthday last year, but James and I had a serious lack of funds. I wanted to do it this year, but we already used up our vacation days going to Hawaii... Enjoy your trip! I look forward to the pictures.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

The drive down to Cali from Alberta is beautiful. I've done it 4 times, different ways each time. It's awesome. Enjoy!

beaners said...

You're coming to Victoria! That's awesome! Are you guys staying for a while?

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