settling in.

Sep 21, 2013

I feel as though this blog is in need of an update, but I'll be honest... there isn't much to tell. I've just been here, busy being a new mom. 
Aaralee has been here for 11 whole days!  It's crazy how fast time flies. It's been a blur of diapers, feedings and more company in the span of one week than in the entire time we've lived in our house.  I'm exhausted and mesmerized and in love with this tiny person.  Yesterday we even left the house... a monumental achievement after more than a week without a single outing. 
It's amazing how quickly you adapt once you bring a newborn home.  I've never been so in love... with Aaralee, or with Ryan.  I've proven to be rather useless while recovering from a c-section, but my husband has been so very helpful in every way possible. Not to mention that watching the man that I love snuggle with my daughter... it makes me melt, every time.  This household is all mushy-gushy full of baby bliss and I'm feeling so domesticated that I barely recognize myself.  
I wouldn't change a thing!


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