Briley's First Birthday Party!

Jun 18, 2016

Today was Briley's first birthday party! I'm sure that by now you've all embraced that fact that I really, really enjoy birthday parties. I plan and decorate and go a tiny bit overboard.  I stress about the little details, vow to never do this again... and then do it again, every time. In the end, it's worth it.  
For Briley's first birthday, I was torn between themes. I loved the look of pink and gold, but I was also drawn to a girly woodland theme. So... we did both.  I called it "Woodland chic" and it was basically just a mash up of pink, gold, and random deer. It sounds crazy, but it worked.  Unfortunately once the guest started arriving I neglected my camera, but I managed to get a few photos to remember the day! 

The birthday girl was initially overwhelmed as she'd never seen so many people in her house, but she had a great day full of way, way too many treats! 

It was an afternoon party, so most of the food consisted of sugary, delicious treats.  We had cupcakes, a candy buffet, and s'mores!  My apologies to all of the parents who had to deal with sugar high children for the remainder of the day. I'll likely repeat this in the future. 

The cake kept me up until midnight the evening prior, but I managed to get it complete without any major catastrophes... a rare feat for me. It was covered in rosettes and sprinkled with edible gold dust. 

Our house was jam packed as everyone crowded around Briley's high chair to sing Happy Birthday. She sat and stared in her typical serious fashion.  

When it came time to eat her cake, however, she got right down to business! She chowed down, ensuring even frosting coverage throughout her hair and across her body.  

Big sister Aaralee was also happy to indulge. I don't even want to think about how much sugar she likely consumed over the course of the day.  

Later on we opened gifts. Briley was so spoiled with so many wonderful presents, but she was far more interested in the bags and boxes that they came in.  Aaralee on the other hand has claimed all of the toys as her own.  One of the favourite gifts among all of the little guests was a brand new water table from Grandma Char.  Most of the kids ended up soaking wet at one point or another, Briley included. I foresee us making great use out of it this summer! 

As the day winded down the guests started leaving, taking a jar of s'mores for the road. Of course, I forgot to take a photo until they were almost all gone. Rest assured, they looked cute and tasted delicious! 

It was a busy, sugar filled day and I had 2 very tired little toddlers (I have 2 toddlers!!) by the time that bedtime rolled around. The weather was perfect and we had so many guests come to celebrate with our lucky and so very loved little Briley.  Happy birthday my baby. 

And just like that, it's over. My baby is a toddler, the party is done. Now to start planning for Aaralee's birthday in September... Just kidding... now it's time to pack for vacation to celebrate my own birthday! We leave in the morning, because our weekend just wasn't busy enough already! 
Thank you to everyone who joined us today! Your presence and your presents are so very appreciated!  


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