One Year Old!

Jun 15, 2016

Today marks an entire year in which I've had the honour of calling myself Briley's mommy.  52 weeks. 366 days... thank you leap year for giving me an extra day to call her my baby.  It still wasn't long enough.  I will without a doubt be an emotional wreck for the duration of the day. Too fast. It went by way, way too fast.

Briley Amelia, you filled the gap in this family that we didn't know existed.  You came into the world on a Monday evening, 10 days late... it took extra time to perfect those cheeks.
You were quiet and observant, content to watch your big sister run wild.  You could sleep through anything, from the dog, to the vacuum, to Aaralee's birthday party... just not through the night.

You quickly adapted to our schedule and the need to keep your big sister busy. I could wear you in your wrap and you were happy to go wherever the days took us.    As you got bigger, you wanted to join in the fun.  Eager to keep up with your sister, you crawled at 6 months and walked at 10.  There was no slowing you down!

You wiggled your way into our hearts the second that you were born, and every day we fall more in love with you.  I live for your squinty smile and your belly laughs.  I love how much you love your sister and follow her around as though she's your very best friend.

I'll never get tired of your sweet, excited giggle the second that I open the fridge. You love to eat! The messier the food, the yummier it tastes in your books.  You are especially fond of any form of berry, watermelon, and whatever Mommy happens to be eating.

Wanting to distiguish yourself from the rest of the family, you surprised us all with your pretty blonde hair and big blue eyes. You look like your Daddy and are silly like your Mommy.  I'm not sure that I'll ever overcome my ridiculous urge to squeeze you and kiss your chubby, squishy cheeks.

You are too little to understand just how loved you are, by so many people.  You make this world a happier place with every smile and giggle.
Happy birthday, my baby.  I don't know how you are already one year old, but I can't wait for the fun that we'll have now that you have entered toddlerhood.
 Now let's go have some cake!


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