Not Perfect

Sep 8, 2009

I'm no different than anybody else.
I have flaws, and I struggle to admit them.
I take things for granted.
I don't always treat my friends as well as I should. I complain about my family.
I fight with my boyfriend, I worry that I don't make him happy.
I let people down. I don't succeed at everything that I try.
I can't cook, I can't parallel park, I can't even wink.
I'm not that smart. I'm irresponsible. I'm lazy.
I'm Krysta. I'm not perfect.
Neither are you.
I try my best in everything that I do, so I'm okay with the inperfections.
At least I can say I've tried.
Sorry for the lack of optimism typically found in this blog. Sometimes a reality check is neccessary.


carkeymiss said...

Aww I hearts you!
Imperfections and all :)

PatZ said...

If you can make KD out of a box, you can cook. Just a matter of interpretation, as is the same with most things.

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