Nothing Ever Just Works Out, Does It?

Sep 23, 2009

By the time I finally go to this Emirates interview, you'll be so tired of reading about it in my blog. My dear, lovely, dedicated blog readers....I need your help. I'm so stuck right now, trying to figure out which way to turn.
Today my boss was in the office, discussing my schedule for training. I'll be sent to Toronto for 2 weeks of intensive, mandatory classes. As my luck would have it, it happens to fall during the same week as I'm supposed to be in Vancouver for my reassessment. It's not as easy as rescheduling. Originally, I was supposed to complete training this month. Scheduling conflicts forced me to delay it until October, but I can't push it back any further. They need a qualified employee right away, not 2 months from now. Essentially, going to Vancouver could mean compromising my current job.
So what do I do?
Do I tell my boss about the opportunity I've been given? No, because if they know that I'm actively seeking other employment chances are they will hire somebody in my place, somebody more serious about a permanent position.
Do I not go to Vancouver? No, because I'd regret it forever. Even if I don't get the job. I've made it this far and will probably never have another opportunity quite like it. I'll always be left to wonder "what if".
Do I sacrifice my job, fly to Vancouver and pray that Emirates hires me? Sounds a bit irresponsible, doesn't it?
I'm truly at a loss for ideas, so if anybody has advice... please, please help me out.


AshleyTenille said...

Ok, so I take it you can't just ask your current boss if he could reschedule training?

Just from knowing you this short time I know how much the Emirates job means to you (hello dream job), but I know what you mean with the not wanting to tell your boss seeing as, in his mind, why would he keep you as an employee if you're looking for a new job anyways?

Hmm.. dilemma. My first thought was (thought kind of shady), could you make up something in the place of your training? Something important and ask your boss if he could reschedule your TO training because of this 'something important'?

This sucks amigo. I'll do some more pondering on it and get back to you..

carkeymiss said...

Well that sucks. What if you tell them that you have an appointment in calgary to see a specialist or something. And that is the only time u are able to go to this appointment because it took you so long to get. Or have a made up relative die. I dunno, think of something :)

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