Apr 10, 2012

Hola, from paradise!
On Sunday I woke up and celebrated the end of Lent by binging on chocolate for breakfast. After 46 long days without it, it had never tasted so good. Next on the plan for the day, was to fly to Cancun, Mexico with some of my best friends and family. I was clearly going for specific reasons, dressed in my "Bride" hoodie and sporting a veil that my mom insisted I wear for the duration of the flight. I'm glad she did, because with the many congratulations came a ton of free stuff from the awesome flight attendants... headphones, food, and drinks! 5 hours later, we were in Mexico and the madness began.
After a lengthy bus ride, we made it to our resort. We were greeted with welcome drinks and a sign that said "Welcome Shippelt y Krysta Wedding Group!" Yay! That's us! It dawned on me that the wedding was actually in our very, very near future.
The remainder of the evening involved indulging at the buffet and the start of what would be a week filled with cocktails. My friends got a little silly, and Ryan and I snuck to our rooms to avoid staying up until 5 am.
We woke up the next morning and went for a run to "earn" all of the bad foods that we'd consume during the day. In the lead up to the wedding I'm more motivated than ever before, and running on the beach is great... it feels less like exercise and more like vacation happiness.
We met up with our friends and family and spent some time playing in the waves of the beautiful, warm turquoise ocean. It will make such a beautiful backdrop to our wedding photos.
The day was spent as most vacation days should be... eating, drinking, and lying in the sun. Life is really, really rough here.
For dinner, Ryan and I went for a fancy meal, just the 2 of us. It's our wedding week, we deserve a bit of romance. We indulged in an amazing lobster and filet mignon meal. I hadn't ate so much in months, and despite my stomach saying no, I kept eating.
Things started to get a bit messy as the cocktails and tequila shots were flowing. Even Ryan's dad participated, and we laughed as he suffered through the tequila taste.
This is the life. It's now Tuesday, and I'm waking up for another day in paradise. As soon as I can drag my fiancé out of bed, we'll be on the beach. It's hard to believe that the wedding is the day after tomorrow. It's like, Wedding Eve Eve today. I'm so excited. I just can't hide it.
I never want to go home.


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