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Apr 3, 2012

Life has been busy lately. Good busy. Crazy busy. Right now I'm so tired that I keep thinking that I'm spelling busy wrong...
I've been working. A lot. Not flying. That's a story for another blog post, but let's just keep this one simple and stick with present time. I got a job at a naturopath clinic where I've been working for 3 weeks. It's interesting. I learn a lot, and it encourages me to live a bit of a healthier lifestyle as opposed to prior jobs where coworkers encouraged food and liquor filled layovers. I work with good people, I get nights off, and so far it's working out well. I miss the sky, but it's nice to have a bit of normalcy in a crazy stage of my life.
Last week I snuck out of work to go to the bank. I promised I'd be right back, but I hadn't anticipated getting into a collision while leaving the parking lot. Such instances are never fun situations, but I was just glad that I wasn't at fault and that unlike my last accident, this time the driver stopped and gave me her information instead of speeding away like nothing had happened. I have a nice dent in my back bumper. My car is sad, but I tell it that the new bruise gives it personality.
Fast forward to this weekend, and cue my excitement. My bridal shower/bachelorette weekend had finally arrived! Ryan and I packed up and headed to Red Deer, where we parted ways for the weekend. Much to my surprise, I arrived to my mom's house and was met by my grandma who had flown all the way from Ontario just to be there for my big weekend. I was shocked! It was an awesome surprise, and made the weekend that much better.
Together with her and my mom, we got everything prepped for the big party... and big is an understatement. We had about 30 people crammed into a rather small area. Everyone was dressed in black and hot pink, and I was showered with gifts. I felt so spoiled!

Each guest also brought me a pair of underwear, meant to represent their personality. I was left to guess who brought which pair, and hilarity ensued. Some of them were pretty, and some were ridiculous. Some will sit in my dresser drawer for years to come. Some were edible.... and I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.
We stuffed ourselves with snacks and then headed out to the comedy club. I'd never been before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. My friend Jake, who is gay and happened to be the only male in our massive party was the subject of 90% of the evening's jokes, much to my delight. He took it like a champ, loving every moment of being the centre of attention during what would humiliate most people. We laughed until our cheeks and abs were in pain, and then went out dancing until we couldn't feel our feet. My hot pink high heels caused me immense discomfort, but my feet looked so good that I couldn't take them off. You only get one stagette party!
We ran around the nightclub playing bachelorette games with ridiculous goals.... such as getting a guy to give you his underwear. Mission accomplished, in case you wondered...
Overall, the weekend was a huge success and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm a lucky girl to have so many awesome people that were there to celebrate my very last weekend as a single lady... aside from this weekend of course, but that doesn't count... we fly to Mexico this weekend!
Among my many great gifts that I was spoiled with were a ton of plushy towels in my favourite colours.. you can really never have enough. We got fuzzy blankets, kitchen accessories galore... and my dream gift... an espresso machine. Come over, I'll make you a latte!
The wedding is 9 days away and I'm still having trouble believing that. I have more excitement than I know what to do with. I want to jump and scream and laugh and celebrate. I'm so happy. Life is so good.

Oh, and if anyone has any good song recommendations for our wedding dance, send them my way!! I'm getting desperate! Not of that lovey dovey sappy stuff, we've got that covered. I need dancing in the sand with a pina colada in hand kind of stuff.


RetroJetGirl said...

The colour theme looks so good! Wish I could have come for your wedding but 5 days off was just not enough for that kind of a trip. Plus, they gave me a Sydney over those dates! LOL typical!!

Poor car!!! That first big boo-boo is always hard to see...

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