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Apr 26, 2012

Oh my goodness... we have just started getting back some of the photos from our wedding photographers, and they are awesome. Like, crazy good... our wedding looks like a fairy tale.  My wedding photographer husband even thinks so, and he can be a pretty hard person to please. I promise to share them with you all, once we have more.  Promise. 
Today I've been married for 2 weeks, and life is finally settling back into normalcy. Not that I know what that is.  I haven't had this slow-paced of a life in several years, and though I'm trying to make the most of it... I'm ready for excitement. The wedding was a good way to keep me distracted from the fact that I am, and have been in the same city for months.  I haven't been flying. I work a normal Monday-Friday job.  Things are looking up in terms of getting back to the skies, but due to the length of time that I've been on the ground, I'm going to be forced to re-certify.  That sucks. Training is not fun, at all, but if that's what it takes... sign me up. 
I'm going to be honest with you... this year got off to a pretty rough start. I was told that I couldn't work. The reasoning was ridiculous, and to no fault of my own. I was angry, upset, and things were feeling pretty hopeless. It's not often that you find a career that you love, and then have that taken away from you. I felt as though my entire identity was lost. I was Krysta, the flight attendant. I had been since 2009.  I knew nothing else, and I had no desire to.  I didn't blog much about it, because it made me so upset.  I picked up jobs that I hated, just trying to contribute to our mortgage payments on the house that we'd bought just months prior, when all in life was perfect.   I was planning a wedding, and questioning why the man that I was marrying still wanted to go through with it. I won't deny that I was miserable and not much fun to be around. I'm so thankful that he was supportive and loved me even when I was a grumpy-pants for weeks on end.  
Eventually, I found another job that didn't involve waitressing or working for minimum wage.  I actually enjoyed it, as much as possible for a job that didn't involve air travel.   I'm still working there, and content with my routine... but not-so-secretly yearning for the life that I had before.  
This weekend Ryan and I drove back and forth watching planes takeoff and land at the Calgary airport. We could have spent hours there. We were like 2 kids in a candy store.  Heck, we were like ME in a candy store.  It's evident that until I'm back in the skies, nothing will fill that void. I'm restless on the ground. I need the thrill of takeoff. I need some turbulence. I  need adventurous layovers that I can't wait to come home and blog about.  I need to be that girl that can inspire others to chase their dreams and believe that anything is possible. That was me before, and it will be again.  I just have to learn the art of patience.  
On another (completely random) note, I'm a married lady now, and thus Krysta Larson is technically no longer my name. Well, I've yet to legally change it, but I plan to. Eventually. In my personal life, I'll from here on out be known as Krysta Shippelt (which is still crazy strange, even just to type). I'm still torn as to whether I change it online or not. Also, someday when I'm a big shot travel journalist traveling the world with my travel photographer husband, I'll need to decide what is a better title to have on my published books and various articles. Any thoughts?  Krysta Larson.  Krysta Shippelt.  Which book would you be more likely to buy? 


Andraea said...

Krysta Larson-Shippelt?

Krysta Middlename Larson Shippelt? (Larson as a middle name?)

No matter what it sounds awesome :)

Jill said...

I would go with Shippelt!! I LOVE having my married name! And Clay loves me having his name too!! :)

RetroJetGirl said...

Larson, but only because that's what I know you as. Shippelt is the guy who comments on my nerdy posts :P

Seriously though, whatever sounds right to you. I suppose a combination could be catchy for a book.

Giulia said...

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Thank you in advance!

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