meet niko!!

Aug 24, 2012

Something amazing happened today. My life became complete.  
After months of persistence, my husband recently agreed to let me get a puppy. It's all that I could talk about or think about, and I'm pretty sure that he was sick of hearing about it.
Today, I picked up my brand new baby and brought him home. He's settling in quite nicely, and he loves everyone that he meets. I can't wait to teach him things and watch him grow!  
World, meet Niko Jett Shippelt!  The cutest, most awesome puppy to ever exist.  

He's currently crying because it's his first night away from his family, in a strange new environment. I'm feeling guilty and fighting the urge to go pick him up and cuddle him all night long... but my husband is reassuring me that he is okay, and that we are doing the right thing by crate training him at night. My heart breaks hearing him whine. We've just got to get through tonight, and then I have a whole day of cuddles ahead tomorrow!  
Do you love his suitcase bed?? We made it ourselves, because we are oh-so-crafty! 


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