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Aug 30, 2012

Training was over, and there was one final step for me on my journey to becoming a full fledged flight attendant for my new airline... flying solo.  By solo, I don't mean myself alone, on a plane. I was joined by crew and passengers, but without the familiarity of my classmates and instructors, I truly felt like I was all by myself on this great big scary adventure. The training wheels were off.  It was time to put to action all that I'd learnt.  
I'm not sure why I felt so nervous, especially given my aviation background. I know the safety aspects of my job inside out, which is what is most important. Service and routines will come with time and practice.  
I arrived for my first day and met up with my training flight attendant. She'd show me the ropes and answer my multitude of questions. It was going to be a long, long day. We met at 6:15 am and wouldn't return until 8 pm that evening.  I survived the first stressful few flights as we ventured up to Yellowknife, Norman Wells, and finally, Inuvik. I was the furthest north that I had ever landed. We were north of the Arctic Circle and Autumn was showing its colours already.  The air was cool, and fresh, far from the pollution of big cities. This was a completely different world. We continued on our day, flying all the way back to Edmonton, where I drove home and collapsed into a zombie-like state on the couch.   Flying is exhausting. I actually enjoyed the insane fatigue for once... it meant that I was back to the old me. The tired, dazed and confused me.... the flight attendant me.
One day down, and one to go before I was finished my familiarization flights and sent off to work like everyone else.  
My second day was far easier.  I showed up expecting 4 short flights, and was giddy to discover that the first and last leg were empty flights... known in the industry as "fairy flights".  We were simply bringing the aircraft to the destination to pick up the passengers there.  We sat back as we flew to a remote oilsands airport to pick up a plane full of charter passengers heading home for days off. We took them back to Edmonton, dropped half of them off, and continued on to Calgary. Our passengers went home, and most of our work was over. We'd fairy the flight back to Edmonton and call it a night.  As we approached the airport, I was invited into the flight deck to sit for landing... my favourite!! I've been fortunate to have had this opportunity many times in the past, but it really never grows old. I watched happily as we aligned with the runway and landed. Home, sweet home, with a spectacular view!
I was signed off as an official crew member and sent on my way! Next flight, I'm no different than any other flight attendant. The prospect thrills and terrifies me all at the same time. 
Until then, I'm enjoying my time between flights cuddling with my favourite ball of fur! 


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