more maui... in the 3rd trimester!

May 30, 2013

I'm still in Maui. It's still wonderful. We've ate our body weight in Hawaiian treats such as macadamia pancakes, coconut gelato, fish tacos, and shaved ice. We've conquered the Road to Hana in a Mustang convertible rental car.  I have the ugliest most patchy sunburn on my back because apparently my SPF 60 sunscreen coated hands didn't make it all the way during application.  All I can say is that I'm thankful my friend Rosie didn't choose strapless bridesmaid dresses for her wedding that is 2 weeks from now. I'll stand out enough without insane tan lines just by being the pregnant one.   
Speaking of pregnancy... today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester. The glory days (AKA the 2nd trimester) are in the past and from here on out I'm preparing myself for discomfort, swollen feet, and insomnia, most of which I've already experienced.  It's so glamourous growing a baby!   
It's amazing that 3 months from now I'll be begging this child to hurry up and be born.  Lately everyone has been asking if I'm ready for the huge life change. Some like to throw in their horrific labour stories as well. People get a sick pleasure out of terrifying first time moms, I'm certain of it.  Really though, can you ever be ready?! It won't always be easy, but I'll take what is thrown at me it as it comes.  
I've found that in Hawaii I'm unmistakably pregnant. At home I can wear baggy clothes and somewhat succeed at hiding my belly if I really want to. Here in paradise, I'm flaunting my bump in bikinis and summer dresses. People stare, but I'm sure that pre-pregnant me probably found myself doing the same.  Pregnancy really is a crazy, amazing thing. 
With my photographer husband and tripod both back home, I've enlisted my mom as my personal maternity photographer for the trip.  I'm a bit bossy, but I think that the results are worth it. 

That's all for now, it's time to enjoy another perfect day of sunshine followed by a luau this evening. I can't drink my fancy tropical drinks, but I'll certainly attack that buffet!  


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