Hello, Mexico!!

Dec 6, 2014

This week we returned home from Mexico a few shades darker and a few pounds heavier.  Once again,  we had a fantastic time in one of our favourite destinations.  Our timing couldn't have been more perfect, as temperatures back home plummeted to -40 degrees for a few days.  It certainly heightened my appreciation for the warm, humid ocean breezes.

It was Aaralee's first time in Mexico, which made returning to the resort that we got married at that much more special.  Less than 3 years ago we stood in the sand and said our vows, and now we were walking through that same sand with our daughter.  
It was a relaxing vacation, with no adventurous excursions or crazy stories to tell. Our daily routine was as follows: 

1.  Wake up to the sounds of our babbling toddler.  
2.  Go for a walk along the beach with Aaralee wrapped on my back. (This step was occasionally skipped due to sleeping in.)  
3.  Have an enormous breakfast in the buffet.
4.  Sunscreen each family member and wrestle toddler into her swimsuit.  
5.  Go to the pool. 
6.  Order drinks.
7.  Reluctantly jump into the cold water and spend time splashing around the pool. 
8.  Chase toddler up and down the wheelchair ramps around the resort.  
9.  Return to room for a late morning nap.
10.  Order room service or head to the buffet for lunch.
11. Return to pool for afternoon sunshine. 
12. Play until baby is grumpy and then return to room to shower and get ready for the evening.
13. Walk along 5th Avenue and fend off souvenir sales people. 
14.  Make any and every attempt to get all excess energy out of our daughter prior to dinner.
15.  Put baby in pyjamas, brush her teeth, and place her in her stroller. 
16. Position stroller facing beach and allow the sounds of the ocean waves to lull Aaralee to sleep. 
17. Enjoy a romantic dinner with our baby sleeping next to us.
18. Sleep.

We all had a wonderful trip and can't wait to return.  I'll leave you with a little holiday snapshot... by popular demand... 



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