Jul 24, 2009

2 years ago, the world lost an incredible woman.
We love you and miss you every day Jacquie!
Rest in peace.

Be Back Soon!

Jul 23, 2009

Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Life's good. Weather is beautiful. Like my boyfriend a whole bunch. Found a place to live.
I'm happy. That's all.
Super busy. New blogs soon.


Jul 10, 2009

1,000 page views?
Wow, who would have thought that what I had to say was interesting enough to be read by so many people?!
Thank you all, for your visits and comments.
I love you all, forever.

To show my gratitude, here is a photo that I took of a chipmunk. I'm not sure of the relevance, but when do I ever make sense?

Rambling on About Relationships

Ahh, dating. So exciting, so confusing, so cliche.
There is really no topic, organization, or point to this blog, just me writing exactly what is on my mind, as usual. If my boyfriend actually read this, I probably wouldn't write it all due to the fear of scaring him away with my thoughts... I'm starting to think that I have issues... let me know if you agree.
Every girl is a hypocrite when it comes to relationships. Well, at least that's the case in my circle of friends. While single, we protest about our friends in relationships who often cancel plans with us because they need to spend time with their new boyfriend. Eventually they reach the "serious couple" status, and our inseparable days of just the girls are a distant memory.
One by one, we all go down the same route, forgetting that only months earlier we'd vowed never to put a guy before our friends. When we break up, we regain a sense of "girl power" until the next guy comes along and steals our attention.
I feel the need to point out that as of right now, I am an exception to this. Yes, my head is clouded with thoughts of my super great boyfriend.... he really is awesome. Geez I'm lucky. I've got a bad case of new relationship giddiness and I'd love to see him every single day. However, as it's summer and we both are the type who strive to seize every moment of every day, we've been so busy with plans made weeks ago that we've yet to spend a weekend together. That's not a bad thing if you ask me. Sure, all weekend long I miss him and wish that our social lives could intersect, but it gives me something to look forward too during the normally dreaded work week.
Just to give you an idea of how weird it is for me to even say the word "boyfriend"... I should tell you that before I started dating Ryan a mere month ago, I had been single for a whooping 3 years. 3 years, 3 months to be exact. My previous relationship was a poorly thought out mistake... 2 people with nothing in common so desperate to get out of the single life that we decided to give dating a try. Needless to say, that went absolutely nowhere, and we mutually parted a short time later.
I'm so independent that being in a relationship at all is a huge step for me. I love the freedom of being able to spontaneously go on a vacation, or roadtrip... disappear without having to tell anybody. I still can, because I'm fortunate enough to be dating somebody who does the exact same. The only thing is, despite swearing I'd never, ever be one of those girls... I'm turning into one of them. By "those girls"... I mean basically any girl in a relationship. I like him, a lot. I want to spend all of my time with him, and I want to be spontaneous... but with him. It's ridiculously unlike me, and I've been trying to knock some sense into myself but I've slowly come to the realization that I'm stuck on this guy. Maybe it's a good thing to let somebody in for once, but it scares me. I'm witnessing myself change so much and I can't even stop it from happening. How does he do it?? I'm no longer in control of my own feelings... stupid jerk, who gave you power over my emotions? Okay, I'm sorry, I don't think you are a jerk... YOU SEE?! Such behaviour would formerly make me gag. Next thing you know I'll be calling him ridiculous pet names like "Pooky Bear" and "Buttercup". Oh please, don't let me ever use pet names.
When it all comes down to it... the fear of the unknown future, the change in myself, letting somebody in, and falling into the stereotypes.... it's all worth it. I like him, he likes me, and it's a great feeling. No turning back now.
Oh, on a random note, he also hates how I center ever single blog, email, and note. I can't help it.

Summer Updates!

Jul 8, 2009

I apologize for my lack of blog entries over the past few weeks. I've been extremely busy this summer, trying out this thing they call having a "social life". The verdict? I really enjoy leaving the house. It was time that the internet and I spent some time apart.
I know what you are thinking... how dare I leave you all in suspense on what is going on in the amazingly interesting world of Krysta?! Okay, fine. I'm sure not a single reader was aware of my absence. Despite this, I feel the need to update you on what has happened in my life since my last entry!
  1. I went to Vegas with 2 of my best friends. We stayed in the amazingly beautiful Bellagio hotel, partied until the sun came up, and drank cocktails by the pool in the amazing desert heat. Oh, right... I celebrated my 23rd birthday while I was there.
  2. I took photos of my cousin at her high school graduation. She looked so gorgeous, and as I stood amongst the hundreds of excited graduates, it dawned on me that I am in fact 23 years old and that it's been 5 years since I was in high school. My sadness over this realization has yet to pass.
  3. I celebrated the birthday of my amazing country on Canada Day by heading out west to hike in the mountains with Ryan and his parents. The views were incredible, the boyfriend was sweet, and we had ice cream not once, but twice. The next day it hurt to walk, particularly in my butt. Turns out climbing mountains is great exercise.
  4. The day after our mountain adventure, Ryan and I celebrated a month of dating. While it seems to have gone by so fast, the fact that we've been friends for so long makes a month seem so insignificant in terms of time.
  5. I headed to the Calgary Stampede with some good friends, winning stuffed toys, eating greasy food, and going on rides that made our stomachs flip. Great times were had by all.
  6. I stood in my front yard watching a funnel cloud make its way to the ground. I'm afraid of thunderstorms... tornadoes far surpass that fear. I called my mom telling her I was probably going to die, and texted my boyfriend in attempt to make him feel guilty for being in the mountains rather than there to die with me. Who wants to die alone?! I didn't die. In fact, nobody did. It was terrifying, none the less.

That's about all that has happened, but I anticipate much more to come as the summer goes on. I don't have a free weekend until mid-August. I'm exhausted but having an amazing summer, despite the unfavorable weather conditions. As I type, there is yet another tornado warning in place for my city. And here I am, at the office, alone. Great, I'm going to die at work! That is so not the heroic ending I had visioned.