Hello, Finley

Aug 14, 2018

11 short days ago, we welcomed our newest member to the family. Finley Dianna was born on August 3, at 8:26 am. She came into this world screaming, with a head full of dark brown hair.  She was our smallest baby, weighing just 6 pounds and 7 ounces. 

Her birthday was a calm, peaceful day. We drove to the hospital at 6 in the morning, equally terrified and excited.  Since our first two babies were born via c-section, she was scheduled to arrive the same way at 39 weeks, and 1 day. If you recall my previous pregnancies, you'll know that this was weeks earlier than my other babies, and when the time came I couldn't believe that it was happening so soon.   
We parked and nervously made our way to the labour and delivery ward.  We were sent to a room to change, and before we knew it we were ushered into a pre-op room.  Soon, it was time to head into the OR.  I went in alone, and waited until Ryan was allowed to be by my side. Scheduled c-sections are a very surreal experience.  The rest was a blur of tugging and waiting, and then... a tiny, but loud cry.  Our sweet baby.  Our third perfect daughter.  Finley... our grand finale.  
She cuddled into her daddy as the doctors sewed me back together. We were so in love, so instantly.  

We had a few hours to soak up our brand new baby before we welcomed some of her family to meet her. First, and most importantly... her big sisters. My entire pregnancy, Aaralee had been excited about meeting her sister, while Briley seemed oblivious to the huge life change ahead.  I was shocked that from the moment they met, it was Briley who was obsessed. She constantly asks to hold her and can't get enough of her tiny toes. Aaralee is a bit more reluctant, and prefers her baby dolls. 

We spent a couple of days in the hospital before finally being set free to go home! We buckled Finley into her carseat, in awe of how tiny she looked.

And then, we were home. Home to start our lives as a family of 5. I remember the early days with Aaralee. They were filled with anxiety, overthinking and sleep deprivation. This third time around felt like a dream.  Having a 3 and 4 year old makes a newborn feel like a breeze. She is so content, so tiny, and she doesn't climb the furniture or talk back yet. 

We are all so in love, and she rarely gets set down because I can't resist the urge to constantly snuggle her and sniff her sweet newborn head.  When I do stop holding her, it's typically to pick up my camera so that I can capture these fleeting newborn moments.  

Welcome to our family, my sweet girl. We didn't realize that you were the missing piece of our puzzle until you arrived, and now I can't imagine a world without you.