it's still january?!

Jan 23, 2013

January, January, January... why do you seem to last forever?! 
I feel this way nearly every year. This month is cold, dark, long, and the excitement of Christmas is in the past. Add a bunch of reserve shifts and very little flying to the mix, and you've got one bored, restless Krysta. Sure, spending time at home could be very productive, but let's face it... this is me.  I take one look outside at the miserable weather and decide to hibernate on the couch, day after day.  
Fortunately, my puppy takes after my husband in that he loves the snow and playing outside despite the cold. This leads to tiny paw prints scattered along my floor, but how can I get mad at a face like his?! 

On the bright side, January has brought the return of my guilty pleasures on TV... American Idol, and even worse... Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  I can now waste many mindless hours parked in the living room.  Judge me all you want, it's quality entertainment.  
One of the rare eventful days that this month has brought was a late Christmas celebration with some of our good friends. In the middle of January we cooked a turkey with all of the delicious fixings and it was a day of food glory.  

It was also on this day that I came to know of a wonderful little place called the Duchess Bake Shop. Who knew that in the heart of this very Canadian city lives a little piece of Paris!   For the first time since my last time in France, I devoured amazing, authentic macaroons reminiscent of my beloved Laduree.  Fortunately for my bank account and waistline, but unfortunately for my cravings, the bake shop isn't in close proximity to my house. That certainly won't stop me from returning! 
Just one more week left in this longest month ever. I'm looking forward to many of the things to come in February, if it would just get here already!  
Here is hoping that the rest of you aren't as anxiously awaiting the end of this month! 

bored on reserve

Jan 10, 2013

Reserve. Ahhh, that ugly blemish on my schedule.  I suppose that I'm a control freak.  I'd much rather know where I'm going and when, and plan my sleep accordingly.  Sitting around waiting for a phone call, although often productive (I only clean when confined to my house) drives me a bit crazy.  
And that, my friends, has been January thus far.  Sitting, waiting, wondering what the day will bring. Clinging to my cell phone wherever I go. Waking up each morning and breathing a sigh of relief that the phone didn't ring at 4 am.  Reserve, I hate you.  
I do however quite enjoy the extra time I've spent at home without getting called out. I've wasted many hours on Facebook, Twitter, watching the Food Network (and then craving everything) and cuddling with my lazy little puppy.  
January has been very uneventful. I have lots that I could do around the house, but who wants to do that?!  I'm borderline bored out of my mind. Somebody come visit me. Bring cookies.  

first post of the year.

Jan 5, 2013

I can officially say it... Happy 2013! Holy smokes, that is crazy to type. Hey all of my fellow class of 2004 grads...  it's been almost 9 years since we finished high school. 9 years?! Just doing my part to make you feel a bit older. Although I've done a lot over those years, it still seems hard to fathom.  It's all okay though, because I married an older man... it's been 10 years since he finished high school and I'll forever be thankful for that extra year that he's got on me.  
2013 has been just peachy, so far. We've been busy with family and life and work, and counting down the days to our next vacation.... 82, in case you were wondering.  This month is a month filled with reserve... the bane of my existence.  I absolutely hate not having a set schedule and sitting around the house with the anticipation of a potential phone call to work.  Expect me to either have nothing to blog about, or be so bored that I bore you with useless posts such as this one. Though I often miss my life of international travel, I'm really not sure that I'd have the energy for it these days.  The past year has shown me just how truly wonderful sleep is!
Following our January tradition, we are making an effort to eat healthier.... we threw away all of our junk food and I haven't had a cup of coffee in 6 whole days. This is insanity. I'm so tired. 
I've only worked one pairing so far this month, and it was an easy one! When I initially saw it on my schedule, I was horrified, but I later learnt that the 11 pm departure to Ottawa was a ferry flight... no passengers!  I settled in for the ride, arriving to the capital city at 5 am.  After a day of sleep, and hanging out with a friend,  we hopped back on the plane and headed back to Alberta. Sure, we arrived 2 hours late due to an unanticipated stop for fuel, but we were home and overall it had been an easy pairing!  
Reserve begins tomorrow... who knows where I might end up! 
Wish me luck. I'm not really feeling up for frozen arctic adventures.  Is it summer yet?