My husband is old.

Mar 17, 2014

Today is a very important day! Today, Ryan turns 29 years old! Yes, my husband shares his birthday with St Patrick's Day. It's rather fitting. He likes beer. He likes the colour green. At a towering 5'5, he's my own leprechaun.

Unfortunately, we aren't together today, as Ryan is away working somewhere in the Dakotas.  Although he shrugs it off as no big deal, I'm sad that he has to wake up all by himself on his birthday.  I've done that a time or 3, and it's not much fun.  Birthdays are for being spoiled and eating cake... I don't care how old you are. It's his first birthday as a daddy, and Aaralee is quite sad that she won't be with him.

 We had a mini-celebration this weekend, complete with a breakfast of green pancakes, lazing on the couch, dinner at a Thai restaurant, and visiting with our neighbours.  

We will finish our celebrations upon his return! 
Happy birthday Ryan. I love you! Aaralee, Niko and I all miss you and wish that we could be with you today!  Indulge in something delicious for dinner, you are in the USA... home of the most fattening and yummy things to eat!  You only have a birthday once a year!

half birthday!

Mar 10, 2014

Have you ever blinked, and upon opening your eyes discovered that half of a year has passed by? Take it from me, folks... it can happen.  Just a few seconds ago, I was in a hospital room holding my brand new baby girl.  She was so perfect, so tiny.  All of a sudden she's 6 months old. She's giggling at me with her one-toothed smile as she bounces like a maniac in her jumper.  It's hard to fathom the fact that I have a 6 month old baby.  I'm just a blink away from her first birthday. 
I've loved every minute of being Aaralee's mommy.  A couple of years ago I truly felt that my life was complete, but I had absolutely no idea. I had no idea that this tiny little person would come along and change me so much.  I love watching her take on her very own personality. She is a sweet, happy girl... but stubborn like myself and Ryan.  She makes me laugh, makes me smile, deprives me of sleep, pukes on my clothing, and makes me realize love in its truest form.  I feel like time is flying by at record speed, but don't get me wrong... I love every stage and look forward to the next.  I can't wait to see her crawl, walk, and say her first word (mama, it's going to be mama.)  
Happy half birthday to my beautiful, amazing girl.  I love you more than I ever realized that I could! 

new ride!

Mar 4, 2014

Dear Green Cavalier,

We've been through a lot together. You were the second car that I've ever owned. We've been to Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia... and of course, Alberta.  

We've been on many road trips, camping adventures, and to and from work. We even went to Disneyland, and the Boeing Factory!  Once, you almost got charged by a grizzly bear! You've witnessed many arguments between my husband and I over directions and navigating. You brought home my puppy. You brought home my daughter.  We have some great memories together.
You've let me down a time or 2... you nearly died in southern California late at night climbing steep hills in the heat. We had to stop a few times on the Coquihalla during construction for fear that you'd overheat.  You have a bit of a dent in your rear bumper, but that wasn't your fault.  This summer, you left me stranded on the side of the highway in the 30 degree heat, 8 months pregnant with a full bladder. I wasn't very happy with you, but I forgave you once the tow truck arrived 2 hours later.
I knew the day that I bought you that someday we'd have to say goodbye.  Green just wasn't my colour and you were a bit of an impulse buy.  The day has come, and I'm sorry to tell you that you've been replaced.  I've found somebody else... somebody younger, and more attractive. Somebody with all wheel drive. Somebody with command start. Somebody SILVER.  My husband has always wanted to purchase a second Subaru, and since he's the one that knows about/cares about/fixes our vehicles, I wasn't about to argue with his decision.  It's not the SUV that I told myself I'd own when I became a mother, but it's no mini-van either... thank goodness.

Don't take it personally, Cavalier. We just weren't meant to stay together. You're in high demand and I'm certain that your new owner will love you and take you on many adventures.
Goodbye, Cavalier.  Welcome to the family, Impreza.