Pancakes, Pyjamas, and Preschoolers... Oh My!

Jun 18, 2018

On Friday, my sweet Briley turned 3 years old!  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the very first time, rubbing her bald head and staring in awe at the immense size of her cheeks.  Today, she is a crazy blonde ball of energy.  I can't imagine a world without the constant joy that she adds to it.  She makes us laugh, gives the very best hugs (she calls them unicorn hugs, because unicorns are superior to bears), and is as stubborn as they come.  

I love birthday party planning, but at 32 weeks pregnant I couldn't possibly pull off quite as elaborate of an event as previous years.  It would be a quieter party, with less decor and food and time invested.  That's what I told myself, but then my inner DIY addict took over. Before I knew it, I was in over my head with projects and baking.  
Every morning Briley climbs into our bed, bright and early. She snuggles for approximately 23 seconds before sitting up and declaring "I want breff-ist".  This girl lives for breakfast, it is without a doubt her favourite time of day.  It was decided, she would have a pancakes and pyjamas themed brunch party.  The pyjamas part might have been more for me, because these days I'll take any excuse to avoid getting dressed.  
We stocked up on cereal, made a huge batch of pancakes, several packs of bacon, and we were ready! It was time for a brunch party!

No party is complete without mass amounts of food and treats! 

The kids kept busy, colouring and making necklaces out of Fruit Loops.

The cake was a labour of love. It was my first time ever using fondant, so I fully anticipated that I might have to send Ryan to buy a grocery store cake last minute. Much to my surprise, it worked out! Briley absolutely loved her giant stack of pancakes!

One thing that really struck me this party was just how fast my girls and their friends are growing up.  Our guest list has remained pretty consistent over the years, so it is so fun to see the progression as the kids get older. This year, most of the kids went upstairs to play or did their own thing instead of constantly sticking to their parents. It was so much fun watching them all play together and truly enjoy the birthday party chaos.  
Briley had such a great day and was so spoiled with so many amazing gifts. She is so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family members that love her so much.  Thank you for making her special day so perfect!