Krysta Goes to the Doctor

Nov 9, 2009

As a prerequisite for employment at Emirates, I'm required to undergo an extensive list of medical tests. Doctors make me nervous, but if it's for my dream job I'll suck it up and just go through with it. Last week I anxiously headed to the doctor for a basic exam. Okay, easy enough. My heart is still beating, nothing abnormal as far as I was informed. The next day I called to make a dentist appointment. I can do this... besides, I brush my teeth religiously, at worst I'll have a few cavities, but I can deal with that as long as I've got laughing gas. I headed to the X-ray clinic, got a chest X-ray, and I was happily checking off items from my list. There was one thing that I was purposely avoiding. I needed to go get blood work, and I do not cope well with needles of any sort. I had every intention of going to the clinic on Friday afternoon, after work. I even left work a bit early to get a spot. However, I drove right past and headed home. Saturday morning was my next goal, but once again I couldn't find the courage. This morning I set my alarm for 6:30 am. The clinic opened at 7 and I was going to make an honest effort to go in and get it over with. I woke up, showered, and sat around my house procrastinating, contemplating ways that I could devise fake test results. Ryan finally talked me into going, so I grabbed an orange juice, took a deep breath, and met him in the waiting room. The worst part of walk in clinics is the wait. I sat for an hour, fidgeting nervously as Ryan reassured me that it would be just fine. I was so grateful for him being there, despite the fact that needles and blood make him a bit queasy as well. Finally the nurse called my name and I clutched Ryan's hand and I walked towards my impending doom. I informed the nurse right away that I don't do well with needles, and she agreed not to tell me when she was going to start. I had a death grip on Ryan's hand as I felt a prick in my arm. Almost immediately I was overcome with dizziness as I tried not to think about what was going on. It seemed to take forever, and I made the nurse aware of how dizzy I was, feeling as though I was seconds from blacking out. She finished up but still had to draw another vile of blood. Gross. I wanted to throw up. I'm such a wimp, and I didn't care what anybody thought. Sensing my obvious concern, she agreed to take me to a room where I'd be able to lie down. I walked across the clinic, through the waiting room, focusing on each step as I tried not to fall down. We reached the other room and I stood there swaying as she quickly worked to change the paper on the table. I crawled on the table, unable to stand any longer. She proceeded to steal all of my blood as I clutched Ryan's hand once again. He was so sweet, telling me that I was doing great. Again.. HOW am I going to go to Dubai without him?? Finally, it was over. I'd survived and maintained consciousness the entire time... go me! Still dizzy and definitely not all there, Ryan took my keys and drove me to work, where I managed to go on with my day. The worst is over, at least until I arrive in Dubai and have to undergo another blood test.


Tleppihs Nayr said...

haha.. the needle stuff made me dizzy reading about it... gross.

AshleyCloud said...

haha, Krysta. (Ashley McLean here!) Never get pregnant. They steal like 3 viles of blood every month! You're a walking pin cushion!

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