A Brief Hiatus From the Blogging Life.

Jun 1, 2010

Please, dear friends and loyal followers... trust that I'm safe and that I haven't fell off the face of the planet during the next couple of weeks. The blogs may be few and far between.
The main reason of course is that my amazing boyfriend is currently en route to Dubai. In 4 hours I'll be hugging him at the airport, and I'm more ridiculously excited than words can express. It's been 4 months since we last saw each other! Being in a long distance relationship is one of the biggest challenges that I've faced... some days I'd rather sit in my room and sulk in my misery than go spend time with friends. The reunions, though never long enough, make it all worthwhile. We spend weeks talking about what we'll do when we are together again, and we finally have the opportunity. While he's here, my time will be occupied trying to soak up all of the happiness and love before we are forced to part again.
The second reason for my anticipated lack of blogging is the fact that as of today, I am on reserve for the entire month. In non-crew terms... I wait around on standby at home until crew scheduling calls me for a flight, or until my standby shift is over. Or, I go to the airport in full uniform and sit in the standby lounge for hours, crossing my fingers for a nice layover. It's not much fun, but after this I'm free of reserve for 7 more months.
Nothing exciting has happened recently. I endured a trip to Lagos once again. I'd spent the days before convincing myself how terrible the flight would be. Maybe it seems pessimistic, but when you are prepared for the worst, anything better seems awesome. I must admit, it was quite decent in comparison to my last trip to the Nigerian city. We stayed at a different hotel where the power only went out every few hours as opposed to every 30 minutes.
This morning I met with my manager and received the "all clear" to graduate this month. Despite 4 months of flying, I'm still not officially graduated until the 6 month probation period is over. There will be a formal ceremony on June 23rd... the day before my birthday. I can't believe that I'll be 24 in just a few weeks. I'm still in denial of the fact that 21 is long gone. I can't help but to grow older, but I'm not sure that I'll ever be ready to grow up.
I must cut this short, as I have many things to do before Ryan arrives.. primarily cleaning my mess of a bedroom.
Love you all, Happy June! It's my favorite month of the year!


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