Dec 22, 2010

Earlier today, a friend sent me a link to a Facebook profile. When I clicked on it, I was shocked to discover that this girl not only had a photo of me and my cat Becker as her profile photo, but an entire album of MY photos, entitled "Around the World". She didn't even have the creativity to change the descriptions.
I obviously reported her right away, but I've found that she also has a blog, likely entirely written by me. While I'm a bit honoured that my life is so interesting that somebody else would want to copy it word for word, I'm also upset that somebody would try to pass off the products of my jet lag as their very own. I've spent a lot of time writing these blogs and taking those photos. So if you stumble across another blog that looks strikingly similar to mine, or a profile page with what appears to be my twin, I assure you, THIS blog is the only flight attendant blog that I write. Any others with the same entries are copied by people who clearly need more interesting lives.
On another note, I'm having computer issues lately. My lovely roomie Kim has allowed me to use her laptop to get my internet fix, but blog posts may be more seldom until the issue is resolved. I promise I'll try my best to keep up!
Oh, and on a final note.... Merry Christmas, everyone!


Amber Cavers said...

That is sooo weird. All my facebook pics only friends can view but my flickr ones are open to the public... hmmm, makes me want to change them.

Andraea said...

Yikes, Krysta, that's creepy as heck.
I would suggest watermarking your photos that you post on facebook and in your blog from now on.

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