New Toys!

Jan 6, 2011

Thanks to a wonderful package I received last night, I'm back online!!
Knowing that I was planning on splurging on a MacBook the next time I find myself in North America, Ryan took the initiative to send me one, saving me the time and hassle!! This way I don't have to wait! I'm so in love with my new toy and all of it's cool functions. And I thought getting myself off the couch was difficult BEFORE!
This week has been like Christmas for me!! First, I was delivered a bouquet of flowers from Ryan. Yesterday my friend Grant gave me a Christmas ornament and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works! Us cabin crew get very excited about yummy smelling hand sanitizer, we go through bottles of the stuff! I've been receiving cards in the mail, and the lovely Selina from Zurich brought me over a HUGE stack of Swiss chocolate which I'm trying my best to resist eating in one sitting. And of course, the week ended with my new laptop! I am sure spoiled!


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