skyward bound

Aug 15, 2012

We worked hard, we studied our butts off.... and after what felt like forever, we graduated!
It's been a long few weeks, but all of the stress has paid off. Yesterday morning, we received our wings! I have wings! It only took 3 airlines to be score them. 

By this time next week we'll be in the skies, and I certainly can not wait.  
It's been a stressful journey, but fun as well. I've met some really, really great people and made amazing new friends.  This is my 3rd initial class (4 if you count my A380 conversion class) and for the first time, we all get along... really well. We've become a family.  We may have such different backgrounds, ages, and experience levels, but we've been fortunate enough to become good friends. Every single one of us!  I truly love each and every one of my classmates, and I feel so lucky to have ended up on this new life adventure with them.  Thanks to them, I'm feeling very optimistic about my new career... hopefully the rest of my coworkers will be just as awesome.   
We've only got a few more class days left before we spread our wings (I had to say it) and start flying.  As excited as I am for that, I'm sure going to miss everyone once it's all over!  
It's an amazing thing when you know exactly what you want to be doing in life, and you can do exactly that.... and get paid for it.  I'm the luckiest girl, ever.     


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