now that i'm flying again, so is time.

Sep 14, 2012

In my months on the ground between airlines, I almost forgot how fast time seems to go by when you work in the aviation industry.  I go to work, come back 3 days later... and just like that, it's the middle of September. Soon I'll be back to work again, and before I know it, it's going to be 2013. 
I've done a couple of flights since my last post, among them, the easiest pairing ever.  No, really... sometimes I can't believe that they pay me for this. I checked in after dinner, flew the hour and a half flight to Yellowknife, went to bed in my hotel room, woke up, flew home. I was back by breakfast.  2 days of work done, easy as pie. I'm not sure what they mean by that saying... easy as pie... are we talking about baking pie? Because goodness, if you've met me and know my cooking skills, pie is nothing resembling easy.  Eating pie on the other hand... but I digress. The flights were simple, short and sweet.  Onboard that morning we had a lady who had a rather extreme fear of flying.  The skies can have a pretty cruel sense of humour sometimes, and of course that would be the morning that it would be turbulent enough to bring her to tears. It's always like that when a nervous flyer is onboard, and completely calm when the plane is full of turbulence loving aviation geeks like myself.  I felt awful, and knew that my reassuring words meant nothing. I love flying and thus don't understand the fear... but I'm not one to judge. I've got a couple of irrational fears of my own, one of which I was about to face shortly after landing that morning.  
Ryan and I moved to Edmonton in December and as new residents in a new city, we are without a family doctor.  Okay, let's be honest.... I hate doctors and only go if forced to do so, thus I haven't had a family doctor in years.  Anyways, this was one of those circumstances in which I was forced to go.  I wasn't nervous, because it was just a meet and greet appointment to meet the guy that I'll avoid visiting but have as my doctor because my husband says so. So I met him. He was nice, and I figured that I'd give him a chance... until he said goodbye and handed me a requisition form for routine blood work. Just to have on file and make sure I'm all good and healthy. All positive thoughts I'd had about this doctor were lost, just like that. I do not do blood. I do not do needles. I'm a fainter.  I'm a trypanophobic. (I googled that.) Perhaps some of you reminder my saga when I had to do Emirates pre-employment medicals.  The only thing that gives me remote comfort in this situation is that my husband has to do it too. He's not great with needles either, so I'm glad that I'm not the only one suffering, as terrible as that sounds.  He'll be there, holding my hand and perhaps picking me up off the floor when I faint.  2 weeks to go, and you can bet that my impending dooms day is going to be on my mind until it's all over.  Don't judge me, I don't judge you for being afraid of airplanes or clowns or whatever it may be that you fear most.  I'm brave. I've jumped out of a plane and moved across the world by myself, twice. I'm just not good with blood...  
So if any of you lovely readers have any helpful advice, feel free to share... although I'm quite certain that it won't do much good. Just like telling the lady on the plane that she's more likely to die in the car on the way to the airport.... real reassuring.   
On another note, in hopes of distracting my brain, I flew up north again today! All the way to Inuvik, where it was chilly but snow free. Norman Wells on the other hand was looking a bit white! Winter comes early way up there.  I'd better start eating extra chocolate to pile on fat to keep me warm.


RetroJetGirl said...

I find distraction works well. I tell the lady to talk to me while she does it (if that won't make her miss, lol) and usually by the time I notice the needle is in I'm cool with it. The thing that gets me is seeing the blood, I never used to be squamish but am getting more so each time!

So yeah, last time she asked me about my shoes and where I bought them. And DON'T LOOK! Lol

Ashlyn said...

Do not have fertility problems! It's needle after needle for months! But my fear of needles is gone now ;)

Anonymous said...

Ask to lie down. Tell them you usually faint. Drink juice before hand and have someone distract you while there doing it, and remain still and just make sure your distracted and let her do her thing and she will be in and out.

Krysta said...

Thanks guys! I always lie down, I bring Ryan and squeeze the heck out of his hand... he'll probably be too afraid to ever be there when I'm having kids. Normally my trusty bottle of orange juice gets me through it, but this time I have to fast for 12 hours prior, so I'm fainting for sure.. haha.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I always lay down to get needles, it helps if I have to faint.

Also, don't get pregnant. You have to give blood a million times. Seriously. I have never had as many needles poked into me as I have when I'm preggo. Good luck friend!

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