Still Thankful.

Oct 8, 2012

Since this blog began, it's been tradition to compile my list of things that I'm thankful for each and every Thanksgiving.  In all honesty, I should really do this more than once a year to truly put things into perspective.  My life is amazing and I am thankful for every aspect of it. There are far too many things to list them all, so I'll just stick with a few of the big ones... in no particular order. 

1. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. Not only does it make me reflect and give thanks for how good I've got it, but it's a day that revolves around turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Days don't come better than that.  
2. I'm thankful for having both mine and my husband's sides of the family. They are all so wonderful and the added bonus of being married is that you get to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving twice.  I don't think that I need to eat for a few months after this weekend.  
3. I'm thankful for a warm home, in what my biased opinion finds to be the greatest country in the world.  
4. I'm thankful for my best friend - My husband, and the 6 amazing months of marriage that we've enjoyed so far this year.  Forgive me for sounding cliche, but he really does complete me.  I would be so lost without him.
5.  I'm thankful for my puppy Niko, for entering my life and making it so much better. I never knew how much I could love a little dog, and now that he's my very own I love him like he's my child.  
6. I'm thankful for my job, particularly after the beginning of this year when I was unable to fly and came to the realization of just how important it is to me. There is really nothing else that can make me as happy as boarding a plane and calling it work. Do what you love, and you'll love your life. 
7. I'm thankful for this blog and all of my followers... this will be my 300th post! Knowing that people read and await each post motivates me to continue writing them... and that's a good thing because I really do enjoy doing it. 
8. I'm thankful for my friends, near and far, old and new. Anywhere that I go, friends are never far away. 
9. I'm thankful for my health. This year I finally decided to stop taking it for granted after seeing so many people suffering and realizing just how fortunate I am.  Being healthy is the one thing that allows me to fully enjoy all of the other things that I'm thankful for.  

I could go on all day long, because I'm really that lucky and truly blessed. You probably are too, if you take the time to stop and think about it.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers, and for you non-Canadians, rest assured... I ate enough turkey for all of us over the past 3 days. 


danhall1984 said...

I'm thankful to have met you in July, and happy to call you one of my friends.

Also, our job is pretty cool!

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