flying and lazing.

Nov 22, 2012

Once again, I'm fresh back from Newfoundland! I think I can officially declare it my favourite destination.  For a small city, St. John's has so much atmosphere. It's a gorgeous seaside city with great cuisine and some of the friendliest residents of this country. It was my second trip there with my friend Kevin, and we enjoyed yet another day of strolling down Water Street, drinking Starbucks and purchasing treats at the candy shop and bakeries.

 We went for dinner with some of our crew, to a fancy little place called the Gypsy Tea Room.  It was pricier than my average layover meal, but who knows when I'll fly with friends again!  After we ate, it was bed time. Another short but sweet layover over.
For the first time in a long time, it was a trip that didn't involve any major delays.  If it were December, I'd call it a Christmas miracle... but alas it is only November and thus just an ordinary type of miracle.
This didn't mean that we arrived home on schedule, because note the key word being "major" delays.  We still sat at one particular airport for an extra hour with a plane full of angry, unhappy passengers.
I'm not sure what people think yelling at the crew in the galley and slamming lavatory doors will do to make things progress any quicker, but they gave it a shot regardless. We were at a busy airport waiting for our turn to be deiced, a procedure that was necessary given the large amount of snow that had fallen and landed on the wings.  Having been in the service industry for years, I'm usually pretty immune to nasty words from passengers and/or customers.  After an already long day, their moods were certainly bringing me down, but I did what I do best... put on a smile, walked into the cabin, and killed them with friendliness. Everyone hates perky, friendly people when they are trying their absolute best to be grumpy. I converted some of them, spotting a few smiles halfway into the flight. The rest were set in their ways and scowled until they got off the plane. Fine by me! I was home!
I usually love coming home, but this time I wasn't too excited either way. My husband was working out of town and my puppy was visiting his grandparents out of town. I came home to an empty house and it wasn't long before I was feeling lonely.  I went to bed and slept for hours, determined to make the most of my days off that I'd spend by myself.
The next day I tidied the house and felt sorry for myself for having nobody nearby to spend the day with. By evening, I'd made plans with my trusty friend Jake. We indulged in a delicious dinner followed by coffee before returning home to sit around the fire... which happens to be on my television because this house didn't come with a real fireplace. 

We stayed up far too late, and I wondered what my neighbours must have thought seeing a man leave my house at 2 am when my husband was away. Little do they know, Jake is basically one of the girls... and even if he was straight, he wouldn't stand a chance with his greasy Movember moustache. 

This afternoon I met up with my little cousin Ashley.  I watched her grow up and now she is 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.  I made some use of my camera that is often abandoned as of late, taking photos of her cute little belly.  I can't wait to meet baby Kailey in the new year!  


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