2 tickets to paradise.

Dec 1, 2012

2 years ago on this day was the very last day that I'd ever have a boyfriend.  Little did I know, he'd get down on one knee the very next evening and ask me to be his wife!  

All of this happened in one of my favourite countries in this great big world... Mexico. The same place we'd return a year and a half later for our wedding.  With all of the incredible memories (not to mention perfect weather and gorgeous beaches) we've made in that country, it has a pretty special place in my heart.  

It was only natural that when my December schedule came out earlier this week and I discovered that I had unexpected vacation time, we'd book a trip... to Mexico.  The timing just happens to work out perfectly to align with the anniversary of our engagement.  
Despite how early it currently is and how much I loathe waking up early... I'm going to Cancun with my husband today, and I couldn't be happier!  


Andy said...

I'm happy for you! Please, please, please post some pictures when you get back :)

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