it's still january?!

Jan 23, 2013

January, January, January... why do you seem to last forever?! 
I feel this way nearly every year. This month is cold, dark, long, and the excitement of Christmas is in the past. Add a bunch of reserve shifts and very little flying to the mix, and you've got one bored, restless Krysta. Sure, spending time at home could be very productive, but let's face it... this is me.  I take one look outside at the miserable weather and decide to hibernate on the couch, day after day.  
Fortunately, my puppy takes after my husband in that he loves the snow and playing outside despite the cold. This leads to tiny paw prints scattered along my floor, but how can I get mad at a face like his?! 

On the bright side, January has brought the return of my guilty pleasures on TV... American Idol, and even worse... Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  I can now waste many mindless hours parked in the living room.  Judge me all you want, it's quality entertainment.  
One of the rare eventful days that this month has brought was a late Christmas celebration with some of our good friends. In the middle of January we cooked a turkey with all of the delicious fixings and it was a day of food glory.  

It was also on this day that I came to know of a wonderful little place called the Duchess Bake Shop. Who knew that in the heart of this very Canadian city lives a little piece of Paris!   For the first time since my last time in France, I devoured amazing, authentic macaroons reminiscent of my beloved Laduree.  Fortunately for my bank account and waistline, but unfortunately for my cravings, the bake shop isn't in close proximity to my house. That certainly won't stop me from returning! 
Just one more week left in this longest month ever. I'm looking forward to many of the things to come in February, if it would just get here already!  
Here is hoping that the rest of you aren't as anxiously awaiting the end of this month! 


danhall1984 said...

I just want to see my Feb schedule... Hopefully less reserve for us both!

Andy said...

Your dog is adorable x

SkyMommy said...

Haha, your puppy is SO CUTE! I love his little snow covered face. Phoebe loves the snow too, although we haven't had much at all this year. You won't hear *me* complain about that tho.

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