rosie and andrew are married!

Jun 16, 2013

This weekend I had the honour of standing up next to one of my very best friends as she married the love of her life. It was a beautiful wedding and I could not be any happier that Rosie and Andrew get to spend the rest of their lives side by side. I know from personal experience that it is pretty darn awesome being married to your best friend.  

Rosie and I have been through so much in the 15 years that we've been friends. We've been classmates, coworkers and roommates... I like to think that we are practically sisters by this point. My baby will grow up knowing her as Auntie Rosie... and after this weekend he or she has gained an Uncle Andrew!    
Way back in 2007, I longed to explore and made plans to move across the ocean to Australia. At the time, Rosie was my roommate and I felt extremely guilty leaving her behind. When she began dating Andrew, I knew that I was leaving her in good hands.  He did one heck of a job replacing me as her roommate, and as the years went by I (along with everyone else) pressured him to pop the question.  He waited, and waited, and then one day when nobody expected it, he finally proposed. 
I was thrilled when Rosie asked me to be a bridesmaid.  I bought my extra small dress and eagerly anticipated the big day. When I realized that I'd be 7 months pregnant by the time the wedding rolled around, I felt like a teenager breaking pregnancy news to her parents.  Fortunately, Rosie was no bridezilla and rather than kicking me out of the wedding party, she was excited about the news and ensured me that we would find a solution to the dress crisis.  Thank goodness for flowy dresses and a laid-back bride!  

It was such a great day, and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it! Congratulations Rosie and Andrew! You deserve all of the happiness in the world. Now hurry up and make some beautiful babies! ....I'm kidding. I know how annoying it is hearing that when you are newlyweds. But also, I'm not kidding. My kid needs some friends. No pressure. But seriously... 


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