july is here!

Jul 1, 2013

Well, ladies and gentlemen... it's July. How is this possible?  Does anyone else feel like 2013 just began?  Assuming he/she is punctual like his/her mama, I'll meet my baby next month. That is crazy and exciting and terrifying.  
In the meantime, I'm making the most of life without kids while it lasts.  When my mom decided to go on a road trip to Vancouver Island, I was happy to tag along providing she was willing to stop often for bathroom breaks.  2 days (we stayed the night in Kamloops to break up the trip), 12 bathroom breaks, 2 bear sightings, and a 24 pack of water, and we arrived in Victoria! My whole family is together again, as my stepdad and brothers moved out to Sooke earlier this year.  Ryan even flew out to join us for a few days! Nothing can beat a nice mini-vacation with the people that I love most!  
Today is Canada Day, and we are dressing in red and white attire to celebrate the most wonderful country in the world. Happy July, and Happy Birthday Canada! 
Excuse my short blog post... but summer fun awaits.  


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Enjoy your day, Krysta!!

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