full term, baby!

Aug 10, 2013

Holy smokes... we've made it to that magical number... 37 weeks!  At this point, Baby Shippelt is considered full term and good to enter the world whenever he/she chooses to do so.  Am I ready for this? Oh heck no.  I feel like these never ending 9 months are suddenly ending so soon... and we don't even have curtains up in the baby room yet! My husband has assured me that little babies can survive just fine without curtains, but I beg to differ.  What does he know? He's eager for our offspring to arrive and constantly commanding me to drink raspberry leaf tea, bounce on the yoga ball, consume spicy foods, and walk until my feet hurt.  He wants to meet this baby, and so do I... but if he/she could just wait until next week when our glider chair arrives, that would be ideal.  Oh, and not to be picky... but I still haven't experienced the 18+ VIP theatre and would like to have the opportunity to do so before I've got a tiny little person who isn't allowed to join me. So Baby, if you don't mind waiting until let's say... next Friday?  That would be quite ideal.  I'm busy giving your big brother Niko lots of attention before his only child status expires... I've been there before, and it's not easy suddenly sharing the attention. 
Oh, and one more thing... don't be late.  August 29 is your due date and your mama is one very punctual lady so I expect you to follow in my footsteps and NOT in your father's.   Are we clear? Good. The whole world (or at least all of the important people in it) is eagerly awaiting your arrival. We can't wait to meet you... and I can't wait to sleep on my stomach once again!  


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