2014 thus far!

Jan 21, 2014

3 weeks of this year have already come and gone, without a single blog post from little old me.  My miniature human has been keeping me quite busy as she grows increasingly active.  She's now 4 months old and growing in both size and personality.  She giggles. She grabs her feet.  She jumps like a maniac in her Jumparoo. She almost sits up on her own. You know... all sorts of little milestones that only moms really care about, but this is my blog so I can gush about my baby all that I want. 


For the first time in a long time, my life has some semblance of routine.  Aaralee and I (and sometimes Ryan) have started going to the gym and I'm slowly but surely getting back into shape.  I forgot how much I've missed the post-workout feeling, despite how much I hate every sweaty moment of actual exercise.  It feels great to do something for myself, and Aaralee enjoys her nap time in the stroller while we run around the gym.  We go to mom and baby classes taught by the same lovely instructor that helped whip Ryan and I into shape for our wedding. She tortures us, but I love her... 23 hours of the day.  

At home, it's difficult to get a lot accomplished with a busy, hungry, and adorably distracting baby. Fortunately, my friend Carley is back from Victoria and has temporarily taken up residence in our basement. I've used this to my advantage and frequently pass her the baby so that I can make dinner and occasionally use the washroom. 
As far as sleep goes, I vaguely recall the days when it was a privilege that I was lucky enough to have.  Lately Aaralee has decided that sleep is in fact overrated.  Call it teething or the 4 month sleep regression or any other excuse for a baby to suddenly boycott sleeping through the night... I don't care what it is, the simple fact is that I miss my sleep. I love my sleep.  However, my baby will not always be a baby so I'll take the middle of the night cuddles and the excuse for extra trips to Starbucks knowing that sooner or later this phase shall pass. I still wouldn't trade it for the world! 


Janani. Manoharan said...

just stumbled by your blog....i have a daughter too,4 months and i am going through the exact same emotions:)...want the sleepless phase to pass yet fearing it'll pass too soon!!its a conflict,but,like u said wouldn't trade it for the world...

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