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May 7, 2015

It's Spring time!!  I've traded my boots for flip flops and Aaralee has been very appreciative of the extra time spent playing outside.  Just ignore the fact that we woke up to a rather large dumping of snow yesterday. This is Alberta and it's to be expected.  

Life lately has been pretty uneventful, and in all honesty that is all that I could hope for right now.  I'm (very) pregnant and my energy levels are depleting more and more with each passing day. It's not easy hauling around a giant ball of a belly all day long!  It's hard to imagine that if this baby is born even 6 days ahead of schedule, we'll have a newborn THIS month.  Aaralee was born 2 weeks past her due date so I'm not anticipating an early arrival, but in the back of my mind I know that it's a very real possibility.  I suppose that I should probably clean my house or pre-make meals or maybe pack a hospital bag or something.  Maybe tomorrow.  
I've been trying to take advantage of these final weeks by spending as much time with my little girl as possible while she still has her only child status. We've been spending our days outside, playing at the  park and in our backyard.  Every day is a new adventure when you are a toddler! 

This age is so much fun. She learns something new every day and makes us laugh on a near-constant basis.  She's a little chatterbox, but whether any of it is comprehendible depends on the day.   She loves to run, jump, and first and foremost... she loves to eat. Anything, everything.  Every waking hour, this girl wants food.  While other toddler parents are struggling to get their kids to eat meals, we are trying to manage tantrums when food isn't ready fast enough.  There is no doubt about it, she takes after her Mommy and Daddy.   

Because she will soon be a big sister, we took her for her very first haircut today.  What a brave, brave girl... myself, that is.  I know that it's only hair, but this milestone was an emotional one for me.       She has a big girl haircut and with each passing day her babyhood is fading into a memory.  Aaralee had mixed feelings about the haircut.  There was the initial excitement to sit in the "car" chair, followed by panic as a stranger draped a cape over her, and then a slow return to calm as she watched TV and had a snack.  In the end, she got to play in a ball pit and life was good. 

Niko also got a long overdue haircut, and now both of my babies are fresh, clean, and ready to welcome the newest family member.  

It's hard to believe that there are only 4 (or maybe 6) weeks until we meet this new little human!  Our crazy little home is about to get even busier, and we can't wait! 


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