David + Jesse are MARRIED!

Aug 31, 2015

Wedding season, like summer, is slowly tapering away for another year.   This weekend Ryan and I attended a beautiful wedding... astonishingly only the second one of the summer for us!  I love weddings, so I was rather excited to make the trek to Grande Prairie to witness Davey and Jesse tie the knot.  Not only because I was in wedding withdrawal mode and excited to attend my first wedding with 2 grooms, but because despite the distance between us and rare visits, I still consider Davey to be one of my closest friends... so close that I can't even type his name as "David" without it feeling awkwardly formal.  
Davey and I met in college, when he lived across the hall from us in our residence building.  Moving to Edmonton was a new start for both of us and we bonded quickly over our love of junk food and pop music.  Back then we'd have laughed if you'd told us that our future husbands would be from our home towns.  Life is pretty funny sometimes.  

Ten years later, I was so excited to be able to attend his wedding! Although we'd only met a few times, I loved his fianc√© Jesse and thoroughly approved.  Because Aaralee is incapable of sitting still for more than 30 second increments, we left her with Grandma for the weekend and embarked on the 4 hour drive with only Briley to worry about.  She was a road trip champ and we only had to make one stop to feed and change her. 

We arrived at our hotel to settle in and get ready in our free upgraded room... Thank you, Cute Baby! These days I'm rarely found wearing anything besides pyjamas or yoga pants, so it was fun to put on a pretty dress, and even some mascara!  Ryan put gel in his hair (another rare feat!), Briley donned her prettiest pink dress and off we went!  

The venue was a beautiful bed and breakfast and we eagerly awaited the arrival of the grooms.  Each walked down his own aisle to the meet at the alter where they exchanged perfect vows... and then they were married! I'm so happy that we live in a place that allows for people to be married based on the fact that they are in love and want to spend their lives together, regardless of their gender.  

After the ceremony we enjoyed a delicious dinner and everyone danced the night away.  Briley spent a bit of the wedding napping in the wrap, and a large amount of time being passed around from one baby-loving guest to the next.  She especially enjoyed her time on the dance floor with Davey's mom.    

My personal favourite part of the wedding was the cake.  This was partially due to the fact that I really, really love cake, but primarily because this cake was a beautiful, tall cake with rainbow layers hidden on the inside. A rainbow cake?! So pretty, so delicious, and I must find an excuse to bake my own as soon as possible.  

We got back to the hotel around 11:30 pm.  In all honesty, I can't remember that last time that I stayed out so late!  We crawled into bed, tired from a very long day.  Obviously all of the dancing wore Briley out too, as she had her longest stretch of sleep in weeks!  We woke up the next morning without a toddler demanding breakfast, so we stayed in bed a little while longer.  When it was finally time to pack up and get ready, we all felt well rested and happy!

We stopped in for a post-wedding brunch to say goodbye before we hit the road for the long journey home. After several pee breaks, far too much fast food and one diaper blowout, we were happy to get home and pick up Aaralee. I'd sure missed my little monster! It was a wonderful weekend to wrap up the summer, and I couldn't be more happy for Dave and Jesse. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thank you so much for the honour of attending your special day!


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