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Dec 21, 2015

Christmas week has arrived and we are sure excited about it!  Throughout December Aaralee has found great joy in her daily consumption of chocolate from her advent calendar. She loves to read her Christmas books, play with the tree ornaments, and has recently caught on to the fact that she will likely recieve presents on Christmas morning.  

To say that we've been busy lately would be an understatement.   As per usual, I've yet to complete (start) my Christmas shopping.  That's why stores are open until Christmas Eve... right?! 
We recently enjoyed a relaxing Jasper getaway with Ryan's annual work Christmas party.   With Aaralee and Niko happy at Grandpa's house, we hit the road with only Briley.  Ryan took an extra day off of work and we had a wonderful weekend away, complete with perfect weather, steak and lobster, massages, and great company.  

The day after we returned home, my Australian cousin Jay and her husband Shane arrived!  After 4 years, we were long overdue for a reunion!  It's not often that I have foreign guests, and it's even less often that they visit during winter... in Edmonton.   It was cold outside, but I wanted to make sure that they had the best vacation possible and a good dose of "white Christmas".  They tried out skiing and spent an entire day at West Edmonton Mall.   I even made Christmas dinner!  We spent the weekend in Banff and toured them around our favourite spots, from Canmore to Lake Louise to Emerald Lake.

Most importantly, we introduced them to our favourite places to eat.  We had hot wings on a daily basis, and of course, beer, Beavertails and poutine! As we drove them to the airport for their departing flight, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Aurora dancing away.  It was a perfect send off as they headed off to their next (much warmer) destination.  I suppose that next time it's our turn to make the journey to reunite!  We'll see them again in Australia... one day.

In other news, last week our baby Briley turned 6 months old! Already! Half of a year!! She's such a sweet, happy girl. She's always full of smiles and she's determined to crawl as soon as possible.  Until she figures out how to move her arms and legs at the same time, lunging forward towards objects will have to suffice. It's a slow process, but she always manages to make her way across the room to obtain her goal... typically dog toys or the Christmas tree.  We love her so much and can't wait for the next half of her first year!  

As Christmas approaches, here's hoping that you all have a safe and happy holiday surrounded by the people that you love the most.  I've got amazing, happy, healthy, little girls and a loving and supportive husband. That's all the gifts that I could ever ask for!



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