I have a 3 year old!

Sep 10, 2016

Aaralee, my sweet, beautiful firstborn.  Nobody in this world makes me laugh like you do. Nobody tests my patience like you do. Nobody has taught me more about love than you have. You made me a Mommy, and I'm forever grateful for that privilege.  Today, you turn 3 years old! 
I remember it like it was yesterday; the day that we met.  You were so tiny, with dark hair and big brown eyes and I'd never seen anything more perfect.  I had no idea what I was doing, and some days I feel like I still don't, but here we are 3 years later! 

As you grow older and become your own little person, you amaze me each and every day.  You are so independent, determined, and smart.  You are so loving, carrying your baby dolls with you wherever you go and giving hugs and kisses to your sister... even though she doesn't quite appreciate the affection.  You love to engineer new uses for everything, just like your Daddy.  When you talk, you sound just like Mommy.  You without a doubt inherited our love of food and our stubborn ways. 
You've changed my life in more ways than I thought possible, and I love you more than words can describe.   I burst with pride watching you navigate life and can't wait to see the adventures that the next year will bring. 

 Happy birthday to you, my big girl... my 3 year old... my preschooler! We have a big day of celebrating ahead of us! 
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always... as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." 


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