Oh Christmas Tree.

Nov 25, 2016

Since the very first time that Ryan and I brought a Christmas tree home together, we've opted for real trees.  They are a lot of work and a huge mess... but in our opinion, they are worth it.  Absolutely nothing beats the appearance nor the smell of a real, live tree.  For us, getting a tree is an experience in itself and an annual family tradition that I'd be sad to give up. 
Today we set out on our journey to find this year's perfect tree. Last year we discovered an amazing tree farm south of the city called Fir Ever Green.  We loved it so much that we had to return.  Upon arriving at the cute little log cabin, we were led to fields of row after row of beautiful, perfect trees.  Ryan held a saw and I pulled our girls on a sled as we set off in search of a tree to call our own. 

We walked past some modest, reasonably sized trees, but they just weren't right.  We wandered and wandered until we spotted it. 
The one. 
Our tree. 

I felt like a bride saying yes to the dress as I giddily danced around it and proclaimed it to be ours.  It was wide and full and would without a doubt take up half of our living room. It was perfect.  
Ryan got to work with the saw and after some hard work and sweat, it was down on the ground and ready to transfer to the car.  

Speaking of car... 
Ryan's beloved green Subaru has been parked for quite some time now, as he's been taking his newer, more reliable car to work up north.  However, we aren't ones to mess with tradition, so he put insurance back on it for the day and we all loaded into the cramped little car because getting a tree with any other car just didn't seem right. It was Briley's second ever ride in Daddy's car, the first being our trip to get a tree last year.  
Ryan hauled the tree through the field, back to the vehicle, and we both rolled it up the hood and onto the roof. Perks of driving a beater car: You can roll a tree onto it with no worries about scratching the paint.  It was massive, but we have no shame in our Griswold game.  

Back at the log cabin, Ryan and the owner forced the tree through a baler and then secured it back on the roof of the car. We paid for it and set off on our journey back home. We made a quick detour for some hot chocolate... because what is more Canadian than taking your freshly cut Christmas tree through the Tim Horton's drive thru?  

Back home, we set the tree up and removed the twine to watch the branches fall.  Our living room quickly disappeared and pine needles went flying... and we were happy.  The first day home with a Christmas tree always makes me feel like a child again.
Tonight as our girls slept in their rooms, we covered the tree in twinkling lights so that they can come downstairs tomorrow morning to embrace the magic that is the Christmas season.  Of course, a tree this big requires more lights than we accounted for, so we'll have to return to the store to purchase some more to fill in the gaps. After that, we'll decorate it as a family and then Briley will undecorate it on a daily basis for the next month.  

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house. Please feel free to come visit, smell my tree, and admire its beauty while eating baked goods than I plan to make in the very near future.  'Tis my favourite time of the whole entire year.  


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